Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Capture: Signs of Spring

I just came across this weekly photo challenge and may start participating. I have been participating in That Wife's photo challenge as well, which I enjoy, as she posts photos from everyone. So we'll see if I can manage a photo challenge a week!

This challenge is about Signs of Spring, which is what That Wife's was as well! All of these photos came from my attempts at finding a good photo for her challenge. Keep in mind, in Alaska, "Spring" does not come until mid April at least, and we honestly do not start planting outside until June 1. It warms up in March, but we still have awful weather!

Here's the photo I used for TW's challenge. A bit of grass poking out from under the snow. Near the snow, it looks more green, but I think it might be deceiving!

I went to the beach on March 9, and two of four guys were wearing shorts! Granted, it was not windy and was in the high 30s, but brrr!

It might be a bit hard to see, but one of the warmer days halfway through the month produced some mud...and then it froze. These are our shoe prints frozen!

On a similar note, when it gets to this stage, the snow melts pretty quickly. Slushy snow makes fun footprints!

And lastly, our rain gutter was melting the snow around it!

Now you can see that we still have a ways to go until "Spring." It's always fun to see people in town looking hopeful - smaller jackets, less hats, and playing on the beach. Hopefully less than a month till Summer!