Friday, April 24, 2009

New Photo Gallery

I started a new project on Tuesday night. It originally started as wanting some webspace to back up my photos on. Then I wanted to play with web design again and wanted webspace to make a site AND have space for storage. C wouldn't go for it, though.

I started searching for free sites, instead of inexpensive ones. I found several that had significant amounts of space. I settled on one that is decent, with 20GB of free space. After I signed up, I started playing with HTML again and designed a simple gallery for myself. I originally wanted to put each of my blogs and a gallery up, but I decided that would be too much work. I found a really nice gallery program to use - SimpleViewer, and I started using it in Picasa to make simple albums. So, here I am, with another big thing in a week!

Feel free to check out my new gallery. I'll be updating it every time I take some worthy photos! Thanks for looking in advance!