Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures in the weekend

Note: Links in this post go to specific entries on my photography blog.

On the 16th, the sun came out, and it felt like summer! I went to the beach, and ended finding SIL and her friend. We frolicked on the beach for a bit, until they needed to go home. I came home soon after, and then headed back out with my friend Lin and the dog she is babysitting.

Saturday, C and I worked, and I got to meet Coworker JW's new baby! After work, we hung out with Lin, watched a movie and baked a cake.

Sunday, my mom came over and we had a good chat over a halibut dish we made (which I will post later).

Monday, I drove to my hometown to take photos (and get my tires changed). I photographed the journey out there, the beach (and the volcanoes), my old yard and my 3 cats. It was a fun trip.

Today, my parents are in town, so we are going to lunch at our favorite summertime burger joint. It opened on Friday, and they have the most amazing milk shakes. After that, C and I may go somewhere to take some photos. Happy Tuesday!