Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For females only

Any guys reading might want to stop right here unless you care to hear about menstruation.

I seem to have a knack for hitting that time of the month right when I go on trips. Let me count the times off the top of my head.
- 2005, right after Mexico, as soon as I got home, and then turned around to go on a family trip.
- 2006, conference in Wasilla
- Got it a few days into my honeymoon (not nice)
- Had it while we were at the Palmer Fair last year

- Guess what?

I had planned this trip watching the calendar, and it appeared that it would hit before we went by over a week. I was ok with that. And then, last month, I was late, going 40 days instead of 30. Guess what has been pushed back to this Saturday? Yea, I am not happy. I am praying that my system gets messed up enough by the plane ride that it at least waits a couple days.

That's what I'm most not looking forward to. But, it seems to make for good stories!