Monday, April 13, 2009

Pant Switcheroo

Funny story real quick:

Sometimes, when C and I wash clothes, I'll wash a bit of his and he will wash a bit of mine. Usually it's a little bit of underwear or a shirt or whatever. And other times, we will throw piles of dry laundry on the bed and fold them later.

A few weeks back, C complained when he came home from work that his jeans felt really tight and very uncomfortable. I looked over and started laughing: he was wearing a pair of my jeans! Apparently, he had put a pair of my jeans in his pile of pants to wear, and hadn't realized they weren't his. They looked pretty weird on him. Mind you, this is a pair of higher waisted pants...not really a junior cut or anything :)

So, just moments ago, I changed out of my pajamas and into some pants. As soon as I got them on, I noticed the legs were strange, and they were very baggy on me! And then I started laughing. Somehow I managed to end up with a pair of his pants this time.

Now I am wearing pants designed for me and feeling much better :)