Friday, April 3, 2009

I love these moments

I just had a chance encounter that totally just made my day.

When I was in high school, I met a girl who is quite frankly, the complete opposite of me in many ways. I'm a Christian, she's agnostic. I'm fairly conservative and Republican, she's very liberal and very Democratic. Those are just two things off the top of my head, but we are very, very different. And as it turned out, she became my chemistry lab partner my junior year. I hated that year. That was my first year at the public high school. My mom was battling breast cancer. I hadn't started dating C yet (not that that makes it a bad year or anything!) Plus I discovered how much I loathed chemistry. The teacher was terrible.

But this girl became a friend of sorts. We never hung out except in class, but she would listen if I needed it. Once, I needed to leave class and I sat in "the cage" (high school reference) outside the restrooms and cried. She came out of class to check on me and sat with me for a while.

I've never really understood what our relationship was, I guess. She was popular in a nerdy way, and I wasn't at all. Whenever I've run into her since high school, it's always been very pleasant. Needless to say, I've always thought of her in a good way.

She has recently been pursuing photography. Her work shows up on her Facebook page every few days. Yet again, we have an opposite viewpoint. My photos are of nature, fun moments with friends. Her photos are more focused on modeling, sensual moments, etc. Which is completely expected from what I know of her.

Forward to today. I went to the college this morning. Came home, puttered a bit, and then needed to print something at 3:50. I rushed to town, and to the college again. As I walked up the stairs, I was ignoring the girl coming down, when she said hi to me, enthusiastically. And it was this girl!

Immediately, the conversation led to photography. She asked what my camera was, and I was surprised to learn that she has a Rebel as well. (Not really sure why that surprised me exactly) She went on and on about how excited she is with photography, what her plans are, and how several of her friends are looking into starting a group on photography, renting out a building for a studio, etc. And she invited me for all of it. I was pretty shocked, but pleased as well. She'll keep me informed on what's happening with it all.

I love how it's possible for two completely opposite people to work together and make something happen. How two people can be friends even from the other end of the spectrum. I'm not sure what will happen with this development, but whatever does, I am excited about the possibilities. I don't know if I will participate in her group or not, but it could be a definite growing time for me - both in photography, and as a person.

I left the college with a bit of a spring in my step and big grin on my face.