Thursday, April 16, 2009

Or Both

For our wedding, we picked out a nice and sturdy set of silverware, which we received. We love them very much, and C had more of a say in it than I did. (Because I didn't really care and he wanted something hefty) He prided himself on being able to pick out a good set, because he picked out a set of silverware for his mother that she loves. In our picking, we only bought place settings for 4.

Sometime in the fall, MIL started complaining that her spoons were disappearing. Meanwhile, we had decided to buy another set of our silverware, but we didn't really need spoons, just knives and forks. MIL was not really wanting our spoons, as her silverware set was far superior, despite C picking both sets out.

As time went on, we found a great deal on a set of service for 8, so we purchased them. When the box came, we took it to the in laws' and proceeded to convince MIL that she needed our spoons. She conceded (and now loves them!) And in my unpacking, I asked a now infamous question:

"Do you want the little spoons and the big spoons, or both?"

After much bursting out of laughter, stumbling over words, a new joke was born. At Thanksgiving. At BIL3's wedding. At Christmas. At random family gatherings since. I have not lived it down. Until recently, when MIL made a similar mistake.

She was emailing a supplier of microscopes who she had been in contact with, but was buying them for someone else. She wanted to know whether she should purchase "Microscope type X or Microscope Type X." She even bolded the "or" and everything to make sure it was clear. She sent the email and went on her merry way, until the company called her, laughingly.

She promptly called me and fessed up to her mistake, knowing she would find a kindred spirit. I felt so vindicated!