Friday, April 17, 2009

Banana Bread?

I remembered a funny story I wrote for my English class in high school. I thought I'd share it here for kicks.

“Mmm, are you making banana bread?” I asked as I walked in the door the other night. I was famished from not having had food since lunchtime.

“No, it’s lasagna,” My mom replied sounding confused.

“Oh. But it smells like banana bread!” I exclaimed with surprise and disappointment. I was sure that I smelled banana bread! I knew that it was definitely the weirdest lasagna I’d ever smelled. I soon forgot about it and checked my email.

Dad wandered in, and sat down at his usual spot. I decided that I was starving to death, so I sat down, too. I knew that I was closer to dying the longer I went without food. I demanded that Mom let me eat.

By acting really annoying, I convinced Mom to let us eat. She walked to the table and mentioned, conversationally, how she had taken the lasagna out of the freezer this morning. What she failed to mention was that she didn’t look under the aluminum foil.

When Mom lifted up the foil from the pan, our mouths fell open. Instead of yellow pasta and red sauce, we were looking at a burnt pile of brown goo. And then, we laughed hysterically. Mom had definitely not cooked lasagna for dinner.

It turned out to be a frosted spice cake we had frozen a few days before. And Mom had just cooked it for an hour. We groaned with agony. I determined that I was going to starve to death!

Mom opened the freezer, and found the lasagna right next to where the cake had been. At this point, I was sure I was going to shrivel up and die. Luckily, Mom found corndogs on the next shelf in the freezer.

Hope it wasn't too awful!