Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring 2009 Classes

Note: If you don't want to hear me complain about my college career, pick up at "End of Rant"

- Begin Rant -
I think I can honestly say that this has been the hardest college semester so far. A year ago, when I was planning a wedding and got married, that was pretty rough. It really was, but not unbearably so. Fall 2008 was pretty rough as well. But this semester definitely takes the cake.

I think I have a bit of explanation ahead of me. I am not a math person. However, I love numbers. How that can be possible, I am not sure. I love to play with numbers. I like budgeting our finances, and figuring out shortcuts to save money. I love doing the daily cash report at work. I'm good and fast at it, because it makes sense to me. It's concrete and is either right or its wrong. I think I would do great working at a bank.

But. The math love stops there. I was never good at math during school. I struggled through 8th grade Algebra, and it never let up. If I recall correctly, I barely made it through Precalculus with a C, and my teacher basically told me not to go on to Calculus. And I gladly accepted that advice. I made it through two college classes of algebra without having to take either over again, both times squeaking by with C's. A lot of people have to take them over and over again. Elementary Statistics was ok to me...I understood a bit of it, but the calculator was what mainly saved me. I understand the calculator. I understand computers. I don't understand algebra.

Accounting is numbers. I love the basics. Filling out the general journal and the ledger. It's concrete, right or wrong. But getting farther into this degree program has really started wearing on me. Dealing with interest rates. Dealing with stocks and bonds. I don't understand those concepts very well. A lot of it has turned into algebra and statistics before my eyes.

Place me in front of Quickbooks, I am happy as a clam. Give me a time value of money problem...and I sometimes get it, sometimes not.

This entire semester has been interest rates, bonds, and time value of money. Each of my four classes has tormented me with algebra. I already dropped 1 class a month or so back. I've considered dropping two of the others. I might have to take one of them over again.

I have considered stopping for a semester. Considered stopping altogether. I have been so agonizingly frustrated this semester. I have had more tears than I probably had during high school classes over this small 4 month time.

Doing school affects my time with C. This semester has made me unhappy. I don't enjoy my classes in the least. I find myself getting ready to do an open book quiz, and being hopeful that I would understand the least little bit of it. And when I get a 50% on it...the tears and frustration come. That has been my semester.

I am likely going to lose my scholarship after this semester. My GPA has steadily been dropping and I fear it is at the place where I can't keep the scholarship.

But! Enough negativity!
- End Rant -

Where am I going with this? Last night, I attempted a quiz. I was only remotely sure that 3 of 15 were right...and I got 11 out of 15 correct (73%) by guessing. At this point, I will take it and run with it.

In my pondering of this coming fall, I decided to take it easy. And I registered for my classes just a few minutes ago. And boy does it feel good. I might add another in, depending on my scholarship. (I am required to take 12 this point I have 10).

  • Computer Literacy (Basic, 1oo level class that I am required to go through to complete the computer classes for the degree)
  • Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications (Should be interesting. I like playing with Excel)
  • Creative Digital Camera (1 credit, 1 month fun class!)
  • History of Photography (a 300 level class that I can use as an elective)
I am praying that this coming semester is much, much less stressful than this current one. I can't take much more of this. And taking 4 interesting classes will be a life saver, I think. I am not sure which way to jump come next spring. But hopefully, getting a more restful semester will increase my drive to continue. Things are finally looking up!