Friday, April 3, 2009

Photos from Week

Picture heavy post ahead...
We got a fresh layer of snow after the ash, and then it melted again. We also discovered this icicle over our porch one morning. Not the greatest of shots, but I still liked it. Both taken with my Powershot.
At youth group, the kids had taken a lamp and strung Christmas lights around it. It created an interesting effect! BIL5 playing pool. He wouldn't stand still enough for me, and it was really just a candid shot anyway. But I had the shutter speed pretty fast because of the dim light. Both taken with my Powershot.

Thursday, I went to the beach for an hour with my Rebel. I was intrigued by the circle in the sand made by a vehicle. The 4 people kept standing in it.
This was an interesting contraption this guy had. I think he was collecting coal. He had two dogs pulling the cart. I wasn't too impressed with the dogs not being able to play, as there were lots of dogs there, but it was pretty smart. The second photo is of a piece of driftwood. I was sitting on one end of it and photographing what was close to me. I thought it looked unique.
The sand was wet and looked very silky partway down the beach. I loved the effect it had on that shot. Next is a random feather. I was trying to get a good depth of field shot, but was too cold to really try hard without it looking bad.
The tide was out enough that the tide pools were out. I love barnacled rocks. And these two beauties were very cute and energetic. I especially loved the red husky.
The grey one was pretty easy going, but the red one was a little bit cautious of me. They did not get very close to me, but the red one was not to impressed with me making camera noises :P

Those are my adventures from the past few days. Happy Friday everyone!