Monday, April 20, 2009

Hometown Trip Part 1

Today, I drove to my hometown, 15 miles up the road. I really wanted to take photos, and I haven't yet tried out my new skills there yet. I will have to make the trip again once the trees are green.

I went several places. The sun was shining gorgeously, and I think the temperature got to at least 45, if not 50. It was a bit breezy though, but that never stops anyone!

C was saying the other day that I should get a photo of this fence. He thought it was perfect for the "Rustic" challenge....too bad it's over and done! I believe this fence is for breaking the snow when it is blowing to keep it from getting onto the road. This stretch of the road still always has lots of snow on it.

At the first campground on the way to the beach. I liked the perpendicular lines of the boulders and the logs.

The Anchor River

I finally got some Redoubt photos! On Thursday, that amazingly clear day, a local photography posted photos of Redoubt, and I wanted to go up the road then. I waited until today, and had an amazing view all the way there!

I've never had much success with panoramics before, but I wanted to try it. I realize this is not very good, but it shows how close/far the three mountains are from each other. It's 13 photos. Augustine, Illiamna, and Redoubt.

Stay tuned for the next round of photos!