Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin as VP

Well, our governor has been selected McCain's vice president. I had heard rumors several weeks ago, but didn't really want to believe it.
I'm not sure what to think of this. I'm excited that Alaska is getting a presence in this election and not just ignored, as usual. Palin has done a good job as governor and I think that she will be an asset to McCain. I don't know how much of her inexperience will be a hindrance though.

The main thing I would be iffy about it her family life. She has recently had a baby, born with Down's syndrome and that has to be a challenge for anyone to face, much less someone in such a high office.

So we shall see. It's definitely going to be an interesting election!

Catching Up

Sorry I have been absent! It's been a tiring and whirlwind week.

Tuesday morning early we headed for the fair. We had breakfast with my parents at 7am. It was good to see how Dad is recovering (good). We then headed off down the highway. Caleb has a cold at the moment, so while he drove for about a half hour, he got drowsy and couldn't continue. We made it to the fair at 1:40. We were just in time; at 2pm, they were ending their special admission price of the day of $2 instead of $10.
We walked the shops, looked at the animals, ate junk food (funnel cake, ice cream bar and cotton candy) We went on some rides...I hate the Gravitron. Caleb convinced me to go it, and it didn't sound that bad. He's only ever been on the one in Homer's carnival, though and this one was quite a bit more extreme.
Anyway, with our tickets, we got to play one free game and won a stuffed hand that Caleb will likely put in his car.
After walking and observing for hours, we left the grounds a little before 8. Caleb was more awake this time and drove back to Anchorage. We went to Walmart to do some of our shopping. After that, we went to his brother Christopher's apartment to wait for him to get off of work. It took a lot longer than we were expecting, but it was worth it to get to hang out with him and have a place to sleep!

The next morning, we went the Bagel Restaurant that we went to on our honeymoon. It was, of course, delicious again. We said goodbye to Christopher after our breakfast, and did more shopping. We went to my place of employment in Anchorage, saw the owner of the company (in the 4 or 5 times I've been there, I've not seen him there till now), tried some new candy, and bought a t-shirt. I also kind of met one of the managers I have talked to on the phone.

Next, it was back to Walmart, then Best Buy and Old Navy. We walked out of the latter 2 with nothing. We then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange a wedding gift. We got a couple of needed things, and were on our way. We ate at Pizza Hut in that parking lot and then headed back home. I drove until Girdwood, and Caleb read to me out of the book he is reading. We switched at the gas station and I read to him for well over an hour, and my throat became pretty sore. We switched about 20 miles before Soldotna and I drove the rest of the way home. We stopped at my parent's house again and Mom offered us root beer floats. So that was a nice detour.

We got home at 9:30 and went to work yesterday, exhausted!

In other news, my classes started yesterday. I looked at everything and downloaded syllabuses. I'm going to attempt to start on reading a textbook this morning. This is my last full week of work for a while. Next week I have 3 days, and then I am down to 2 a week for September. I hate going back to school, but I do like cutting back on work.

So that's where I've been. I'll update again when something interesting happens!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Ready

Caleb made it home :) It was so good to see him.

On Wednesday, we went on 2 different hikes. First, we went to Happy Valley Falls with Jana and Mitch. When we got back into town we went to China Grill for dinner. Then we went home for an hour and headed to small group to go on another hike. We went out into the boonies for an hour, and got our feet wet in the marshy ground. It was fun! We woke up pretty sore the next morning, though!

Friday, we had the rehearsal dinner for Garrett and Sarah. It was fun to hang out with everyone. Saturday, I worked and got off early to go to the wedding. It went pretty well and it was fun to hang out with everyone. Caleb had a lot of fun being a groomsman and hanging out with some friends there.

Tonight I am going to start packing for the fair. We're going to the state fair Tuesday morning. We are going to leave pretty early in the morning and then go to my parent's house for breakfast. Then we'll be going to Caleb's brother's apartment and then to the fair all day. Wednesday we'll be shopping and coming home. It'll be a long trip, but a fun one!

My dad had his surgery. It went well. He's home now, resting up. They think they got all of the cancer, which I am very grateful for. Going home on Tuesday morning will be a good chance to see them!

I'd better start packing. Here's some pictures!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Link Love

I've been wanting to post links of interesting sites and articles for a while and haven't done it yet. I hope to make it happen fairly often.

This Is Sand - a cute little flash page where you can make pictures from dropping sand.

God's Pharmacy Forward - Don't know if all of these are correct, but it sure can't hurt to eat most of these foods, right?

St. Louis Ocarinas - An interesting site that sells ocarinas (ever played Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time?) and tons of song books, even ones that have Zelda songs. They're definitely filling an interesting niche.

Genesis Moments: Man's First Kiss - A writing contest sponsored by a lady in AK, this was the winning entry. I thought it was cute and well written.

Colour Lovers - A unique site on colors. Every entry covers something I would never think to compare or write about. It's really interesting, and they have some beautiful pictures.

Cool Things - Dirty Car Window Art - Insanely good art in that annoying window dirt.

A bookcase and a staircase - I would love this in my house!

That's all for now!


Caleb's coming home tonight! As soon as he can get on a flight, he'll be here. I'm so glad that he'll be home soon!

I spent today doing errands and then browsed at Salvation Army, and bought 4 books and 5 cooking magazines with recipe cards. I thought it was a good purchase and I'm not paying nearly full price for those magazines. Then I went into work and hung out for a bit and bought chocolate for my pity party :P

This week, I set up 4 accounts at ING Direct. (Let me know if you want a referral link to get a bonus on opening a savings account!) I opened an account for: vacations, tuition, fun money and a house downpayment. The accounts get 3% interest, which is way better than Wells Fargo's .25%. We're keeping our WF savings account for our emergency fund, but this way we can see the savings progress on different goals. I'm excited to see how it works.

I heard this morning that the dividend may be paid out next month instead of in October to help residents pay for fuel sooner. It'll be awesome to have some more money a bit sooner.

We're planning a trip to the state fair on our next weekend. I was afraid we might not be able to go if Caleb got stuck on a jury. This way we can do some shopping in Anchorage and spend time together out of town. We'll be staying with his brother so we won't have to pay for a hotel. I'm really looking forward to it!

I can't wait till Caleb's home!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Caleb left for jury duty yesterday. We spent our short lunch breaks together and said our goodbyes then. He was disappointed that I didn't come when he saw the hotel. It has a pool and it's really nice and stuff. He spent all day today at the courthouse, finding out nothing. There are 56 potentials there and no one was dismissed yet. He's going in at 1:30 tomorrow to find out what's next. I almost decided to go to Anchorage in the morning. My parents are driving up, but we decided that it would be foolish because he will likely be coming home tomorrow anyway so it would be a wasted trip. :( (I am missing him a lot..especially now that it's almost time to go to sleep) He's doing a whole lot of nothing up there - reading, playing the DS, watching TV. So pray he gets to come home to me soon!! Our apartment is too empty without him!

I hung out at Jana's last night after work. It was fun and nice to have company for a while. Tonight I went grocery shopping and am now home, doing little projects to stay busy.

I haven't brought up my parents' health yet. Mom and Dad both are going through some issues. Mom had surgery 2 weeks ago on her parathyroid. She's doing great. Dad has surgery for prostate cancer on Wednesday. He's going in for pre-op tomorrow. (Thus the Anchorage trip) I debated going up there to hang out with Mom, too, but I can't really take the time off of work anyway. So if you all could pray for Dad on Wednesday, it would be really appreciated. He'll be in the hospital several days and Mom will be driving around Anchorage.

Anyone care to come over for ice cream and a chick flick? :P

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, the bad news is that Caleb finally got called in for jury duty. He's leaving tomorrow night for Monday service. He'll be gone indefinitely. I'm hoping he gets out of it quickly and can be home on Monday. It'll be our first night apart and I am really not looking forward to it at all.

Jana came home! She bought her boyfriend along and he turned out to be a lot of fun. We had them over for a couple hours last night just catching up. It was really nice.

More adventures to come!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Caleb and I were discussing yesterday getting away sometime this fall and going to a hotel to just focus on us and no homework or side projects. I was trying to think of a cool way to save for it. And then I thought of my change jar. I put all of my pocket change in it and also extra cash that I get. Right now it's at over 40 bucks, and I just looked up a room rate at Land's End for this winter. $79 for the cheapest room. Over halfway there, and I think it's doable and a great motivating goal!

Tuesday night we took Naea to Sourdough Express for her birthday. It was a lot of fun and good meal. Wednesday, Drew came over for a while and then we went to small group where we played games. Then we went to the in law's house and my "new" niece, Kyla, was there on a visit. She's 2 and a half years old! So insane. Christopher was also down. It's always fun to see him. We hung out there until midnight and then went home.
Caleb with Kyla. This was the best picture I could get of her. She wouldn't smile for me, but I finally caught one.

Tonight we took Caleb's car to my boss's husband's shop to look at. It has been squealing non stop (no the fan belt does NOT need to be tightened) Dave tweaked some thing that was bent and it stopped the squealing. Caleb's not sure it will stay fixed, but it's nice to have a little relief!

My new computer is great. I'm loving having it. It's nice to have something I can rely on and also have a lot of workspace!

Caleb got a funny idea a few months back to match our "outfits" when we go to small group. I didn't really think anyone would notice, but Lori keeps seeing it :P So I decided we should start capturing the different combinations. Here's installment one. (Yes, we realize we are weird)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New computer

So my computer came at 2pm! It's beautiful and works amazingly. We have it all setup and have been filling it up with stuff all day since. :)

It's been raining all day long, which is depressing, but at the same time, it gives me a unguilty chance to play with my computer. I'm hoping that it clears up by morning so we can enjoy some sun!

Anxiously Waiting

My new computer is supposed to arrive sometime today. I'm thrilled!

I spent Sunday at home until I went to work again. I was coughing pretty bad, but I also thought that I had pinkeye. On Saturday, I noticed my eye was very red in a spot. I watched it, bought some Visine and worried :P After Sunday came around, we determined it wasn't pinkeye, and then I remembered I had hit my eye with something at work on Friday. It's been looking better ever since.

We closed at 7 on Sunday. That was an amazing feeling! :)

My friend Jana is coming home on Thursday. I'm really excited to see her :D

I took over the coffee table last night and organized a bunch of my scrapbooking stuff. I put pens and scissors in a mug, scrap papers in a box, stickers in a baskets, and paper packs in a bigger basket and put them all on the shelf under the coffee table. It got everything organized and now I can find it without digging through my paper box. I'm pleased to have it all at my fingertips! (I scrapbook at the coffee table)

I'll probably post again when the computer shows up!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures from the past week

Our recent trip to the beach yielded these photos..

A sad jelly fish. We threw him back in.

Weird fog over town.

On the day of my AP trip, I stopped at the lookout. The fog looks so cool here!

All of the tourists at the lookout.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Notable Posts

Here are some of my favorite posts/series that I have done so far:

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Christmas Home Tour 2008


I stepped outside this morning to say bye to Caleb and there was a definite nip in the air. It's too early for summer to be over!!

I've had a cold for a week now and it's getting old. Every day it's something different. Yesterday I felt awful, today I feel pretty good, but it's been on and off all week like this. It's frustrating.

2 nights ago I got finished with the wedding part of my scrapbook! I'm working on the honeymoon, which isn't going to take that long. After I finish a page, I take a picture of it (I don't have a scanner) I've been planning on uploading all of them to photobucket and completing the albums I have on there to share my scrapbooks. When I get my new computer, that might actually happen. It's a big hassle right now.

This is my second to last day of 8:30s! Starting after Sunday, we'll be closing at 7. This is the one thing I love about summer ending - the lessening of the hours of work. Having just an extra hour in the evening is amazing. It's sad to have to go into work an hour earlier, but I'd rather have it be like that!

I worked out a more realistic budget for this month. It reflects more of our realistic spending, rather than ideals. Hopefully we can stick to it and I can maximize the amount we save!

Caleb just called from work to see what I was up to. Yesterday I called him on my lunch break, all feeling bad and stuff. He came by when he was off to see how I was doing. I love his thoughtfulness. He just called now to talk to me and see how I was. :)

Well I have to go do the dishes now...we're out of clean forks!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fresh Fruit

Tonight, after I got off of work, waiting for Caleb to be done, I went to go deposit my paycheck. On the way by the bank, I saw this guy selling fresh vegetables. When I was done at the bank, I backtracked at stopped in. My boss was telling me about it this morning and how all of the goodies that she got were really fresh and yummy. Today was supposed to be the guy's last day. He was down to the last of his goodies. He gave me a generous slice of a nectarine to try, which was delicious. I bought 2 plums and a cucumber. I mistakenly thought it was a zucchini and realized my mistake at my car. I went back and asked if I could trade for a zucchini. I guess zucchinis were cheaper, cause he told me I got 2 for the same price. So that was cool :) I ate one plum and it was very good. I haven't had fresh fruit in a long time. So that was an interesting diversion and worth the money.

I just finished a bowl of ice cream. Caleb and I haven't had ice cream in over 3 weeks. (new record!!) Now I'm off to scrapbook and then cut Caleb's hair. Then it's back to work tomorrow afternoon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun Times

Tuesday, it was gloomy outside. At about 8 o'clock, the sun broke through and it looked beautiful. I convinced Caleb to go with me to the beach. And so for about an hour we walked Mariner Park, picked up 2 pieces of sea glass, several pretty white rocks and just had conversation. It was really nice :)

Later, we watched Juno. It made us sad. It was a good movie, but very Napoleon Dynamite-esque at times. (I enjoy that movie, but I'm tired of the copying)

Today, it was sunny again. I really wanted to go to Happy Valley Falls, but it didn't happen at all. I went to AP by myself and hung out with my mom for a while. Then I went to my friend Paulina's house and hung out with her and her 17 month old girl. Whew, what a handful. We did a bunch of different things - she made me a smoothie and then we played badminton and threw a frisbee around. It was really warm outside. It turned out to be a very worthwhile trip and a lot of fun. I'm glad that I went.

It's so weird seeing one of my friends as a mom, though. All of the people I know who have recently had children still have younger babies than 17 months. It was just strange to see her as a mom and doing great.

Tonight I made my favorite meal - spaghetti! I'm set for the next week on work meals now!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jars EP

K, Hopefully last post for the day!

I just preordered the Jars of Clay Closer EP :) Here
The artwork looks amazing!

Our Neighborhood

I've been wanting to blog about my neighborhood for a while.

We have a very eclectic group of people on our street. We live next door to a daycare, which gets kind of noisy at times. 2 houses up the street are very strange. One of them is a round building that is shaped like a dome or something, but it looks very patched together, tiny and cold. I've been meaning to take a picture of it, but haven't. The other house, across the street from them, have many different types of cars. We've seen sporty cars there, junky ones, and I think even ice racing ones. It's really strange.

There are several families that have lots of kids, so there are often kids playing in the street. Our road is nice and quiet almost always.

Onto our house! I was thrilled at the start of summer to discover all of the cool plants growing in our yard. We have bleeding hearts, columbines, daffodils and more that I don't know the names of. The first two are some of my favorite flowers :D We've also had a plant growing that was starting to bloom and it finally came open today and it's roses! :)
In our backyard, we have rhubarb growing (too bad neither of us likes it!) and we think a raspberry bush? It's still too early for them to really be growing though. Time will tell. We have hardly any fireweed growing in our yard, which is unfortunate. I love fireweed. But we have lots and lots of pushki, South Central Alaska's most despised plant.

In our backyard, there is a tiny stream running through separating us from our neighbors. It's now inaccessible due to the pushki, but it'll be fun to see again next spring.

We've also had quite a bit of wildlife. We've had a moose in our yard a couple of times, and one day we had a sandhill crane! (We're near Beluga Lake) We have many birds that come through and the landlords have a birdhouse installed on the house so a family of swallows resides there. A few weeks ago I found a family of pheasants on our street and took some pictures of them. (Way more interesting wildlife [well moose aren't any different) than I had at my house in AP!)

I'm very excited about our yard and neighborhood. It'll be fun to make snowmen in this winter!

This is our "stream" before the pushki grew up.

If you look closely on the right in the middle you can see a baby.

Pushki growing very tall...

Anyone know what this is? It's growing in our yard.

Monitor and Anniversary

I think I posted about buying a new monitor with wedding money. Well, it came yesterday. It is huge! We went with a 19" View Sonic flat screen. It is going to be awesome to edit pictures on! I'm pretty excited about it and I can't wait till my desktop arrives as well. Oh and the best part about the monitor is that it can be pushed back against the wall on the desk giving me tons of room to do schoolwork on this desk, which I have never been able to do comfortably anywhere. YAY!

Yesterday was our Friday and also 4 months since our wedding. So we went out to dinner at Boardwalk Fish and Chips. We hadn't been there in 2 years. The food was ok, not really spectacular or anything. It was more the celebration which was fun. I had been wanting to walk on the beach afterwards, but it rained the whole time. The Spit looked pretty cool shrouded in fog, though.

Caleb's sister lent us Juno last week and we might finally watch it tonight. I've been cleaning around the place this morning to make it look more presentable again. I also want to scrapbook today. We'll see how it all goes!

I kind of got a cold this weekend. Saturday I had a sore throat and by the time it was 6pm, I had a weird headache that hurt my neck and stuff. I came home from work just exhausted. I didn't go to church cause I wanted to make sure that I could go to work for my boss's sake. I went to work and felt better. Then yesterday, I had no appetite for breakfast or lunch, but was queasy cause I hadn't eaten much. It was a frustrating cycle. Today I feel better and I have more of a cough than anything else. I took some medicine several times and I think I wiped out a lot of the cold before it really got started, but my voice is funny and my throat hurts some and I couch. Oh and I have no taste, apparently. Caleb just made brownies and I couldn't even tell they tasted like them :(

Monday, August 4, 2008

New merchandise

My boss was telling me about the new state quarter merchandise she could get, and how most of it is very tacky. I decided to do some research on it myself...and found among t shirts and mugs and tote bags....a thong. Wow.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


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Friday, August 1, 2008

First Post

Hello all. I have long had blogs, and post the same thing in 4 different places at this point. I've decided to narrow that down to just 2 places besides this one - Xanga and Livejournal, since I have some subscribers there. I wanted to make this my real blog, as I don't have one that I officially say is mine when I say that I have one. I also have a website that I have really messed up the layout on right now and I don't have the time or patience to figure out how to fix it. So, with that being said, some of my website content will be being moved here and I can focus on something that is less dependent on my making it work correctly! Expect new posts soon!