Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Distance Female Professors

Sorry all, but it's time for another school rant!

In all of my years in school, I have never had a problem with female teachers. They usually tended to be some of my favorites, in elementary school as well, but as I got older, it evened out. Getting into college, it stayed about 50/50. My college English and math professors were great. My business and computer professors were great as well.

Doing distance education now, I have come to realize a couple of things. I'm not sure if it is coincidence or not, but the female professors teaching distance classes are just awful. I have had a few awful male distance teachers as well, but most have been great. But each female professor (teaching a different subject) has been awful for different reasons!

Accounting - She did not explain things well, and was all around not very nice. She had a kind of tough luck attitude (which, is fine)

Management - This lady was foreign, and sometimes, trying to understand what she wrote was a challenge. That is not a jab against her, just a comment. She was very strict as well, but in a very unforgiving way. The assignments I received from her were a bit much, I felt like.

Economics - The class I am taking now. I have gotten 8 emails from her - 1 for a welcome to the class, and each other one has been a heads up for an exam or sending out the exam. None have been actual correspondence. She also has not updated the course homepage except to put the same announcements up that she emails. I have learned nothing from this teacher. Upon registering for the class, she had us all register for an online system to do our homework on. It has turned out to be an ingenious system, so I must give her credit for that, but it really felt like a cop out to me at the beginning.

Maybe it's just me, but each of those 3 have been horrible communicators, which is essential for a distance class. I have nothing against female instructors (in fact I tend to get along better with women than men in general) but I refuse to take any more classes from any of those 3.

Anyone else observed something like this, or did I manage to get stuck with the bad apples? Hopefully not, as I have to take 2 classes from females in the fall!