Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Capture: Joy

You Capture
This week's You Capture theme is all about "Joy!" This week, I really did not get out to capture this well. But, I will still show some photos I took that were fun, even if they don't capture the theme!

This is 1 year old Emma playing peek a boo with her Dad (he's hiding on the couch) Her squeals of laughter were a lot of fun to listen to.

This photo probably categorized "fun" more, but I threw it in here anyway. There was a large group of people on the beach yesterday, and these kids were playing "Red Rover."

My friends writing in the sand, laughing as they did.

And lastly, SPRING has finally come to Alaska! Buds on the trees! This brings me an amazing amount of joy!!

Next week, I will be gone and will not get to participate, which is disappointing!