Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ice - January 17

Peaceful evenings are the best!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beach Ice - January 8

I am trying to play catch up on all the photos I have backed up to share, so forgive me if they are behind by several months!

Ice chunks can be all sizes and shapes!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Changes and the Weather

It's amazing how quickly life can change. My boss broke her leg Sunday evening, and I feel so bad for her. But, it has been fine, and it's not quite as panic worthy as it could have been. My coworker and I are able to step up and take over her duties. I am now working full time for the foreseeable future to cover her spot. It has messed up some other opportunities for me, but my current job takes priority and I am happy to meet the need. It has really been amazing to see how things are working out though - I could have gotten another job before this, but did not, etc. Unfortunately, life won't slow down for a while!

Spring miiiiight be on its way now. We have had several days in a row of above freezing temperatures, and the snow is thawing. It doesn't really seem too noticeable until you notice a bit of mud in your driveway (!!) or the snow berm blocking the view of the street is suddenly not as much of a hazard. Last night, I went to the store and it was raining. It was an odd feeling to me, as it has not rained in several months, and I found myself chilled by it, despite it being around 37F. The only really annoying thing about the clouds has been the lack of aurora viewing potential :(

Window frost at sunrise

This afternoon, it feels wonderful outside! It is cloudy and rainy, but 47F!!!! What a difference 15 degrees makes! The amount of daylight we have coming back makes me so happy as well!

Pheasant waddling on the high snow

Our gas price continues to climb. Last night, I noticed the local station is now up to $4.65 a gallon. *sigh* It wouldn't be so painful if our fuel oil didn't climb as well!

One of the neighborhood cats that loves to say hello

I love looking forward to spring. Summer is quickly approaching!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aurora Borealis Corona

I have often seen photos of the aurora coming from one direction in the sky, but had never seen it myself. March 8, the sky lit up vibrantly, and then I looked up. A rainbow colored light show was occurring overhead, and the lights were pulsing and shifting around. It was incredible.

I only captured these two photos, partly from just staring in awe, and partly from this show ending as quickly as it began. I can't wait to see it again!

Into the Woods

[caption id="attachment_2201" align="aligncenter" width="433" caption="Lance Petersen, stage director "][/caption]

Last night, we went to the local high school production of "Into the Woods". I had never heard of the play before, but they are always good!
It was full of laughs, and funny moments from kids in the audience - "EWWWW" at a kissing scene, and a kid loudly crying at a depressing part (which was funny in context).

I thought some of the content was a bit.....dark, but it also is based on Grimm fairy tales, and they are not the most happy of stories.

It was still a great show, and we really enjoyed it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dancing Curtain

March 8, was one of the best displays of the aurora I have ever seen. It was incredible. The sky would suddenly explode in vibrant colors and the entire sky was dancing overhead. Here is just one of the fantastic views.

Print available

Snow Just Keeps Coming!

I had an excellent birthday! I haven't edited the photos yet, but it was great! When I finally get to them, I'll give a recap....hopefully it won't be too long from now!

Life has been busy in my neck of the woods. Seemed like last week was a whirlwind of appointments, and small stressors. I hung out with a friend for a scrapbooking date, and it was wonderful. She and I both had not scrapbooked since the last time we got together....around a year ago *wince*.

Winter continues to hang on here. The rest of the country seems to be having a wonderful spring, and temperatures way above normal, but we are having a typical winter here. I have not seen any official numbers for snowfall for the winter yet, but the local paper has gotten us a bit closer, and it is insane! My favorite part is the description of how the tallest snow berms may stick around until the end of JULY. We have had several nice, teasing days here, and the next day we get several more inches of snow. I'm tired of it, but not getting worked up over it like some locals. It is, of course, snowing today :)

The next couple weeks are set to be busy as well. We've got the local high school play to attend, a dinner with friends, C's little brother coming for a visit, and our 4th anniversary. And that's just what I am aware of today!

I hope you weekend is wonderful!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tide Ablaze

When the sky is ablaze in color, even with a heavy cloud cover, I can't help but stand in awe, often missing the best shots!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Afternoon Rest

Homer has seen a lot of snowshoe hares this winter. They are literally everywhere, and I see them frequently at my house. I noticed this one in the brush one afternoon and crept quite close to it. It ignored me completely until I had my photo fill and let it continue its solitude.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Feverish Feather

The moments when the reflected light glows this amazing red/orange color are fleeting. I love when I manage to catch them!

My birthday!

Happy to report it is my 24th birthday today! I probably will not have a chance to update any more for the day, and current plans are not set in stone, but I plan to have a great day :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Golden Grass

Taken at sunset as snow flew and the light was golden. My favorite time of day!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tasty Twig

This moose is ready for a snack from a pushki stalk!

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Aurora Borealis March 6, 2012

I spent about 2 hours last night out looking for and then shooting a spectacular aurora show here in Homer, Alaska. The first picture was taken around 11:30 and the show lasted for around an hour. It calmed down for a while, and then I went home. It picked up again a bit, but I never saw it explode across the sky again. Enjoy and feel free to share :) Prints available of many of the shots.

There were a lot of clouds gathered to the north and I was disappointed, but they gradually dissipated and moved on, giving me a great show!

The moon was so bright that  it was a bit obnoxious, but it lit up the foreground and the Homer hillside beautifully, so I really couldn't complain too much!

Thanks for enjoying them with me!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Snowy Perch

I was at a local store and looked over to see this eagle surveying the street from a snow berm!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Temporary Footing

When the temperature is low enough, the ocean starts to freeze. Ice bergs form and slushy waves change the landscape of the beach before your eyes. I love watching the changes and the beautiful sea green color in the waves.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tree bark can be fascinating, and the growths on birch bark is no exception.

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February Happenings

C went on a work trip a couple weeks ago.....and this is all he brought with him for two days. I'm a bit jealous :)

He left bright and early the morning after Valentines. I wanted to celebrate, but I had to work that Tuesday, so we were going to go out the week before. I dressed up, and then it started to pour rain outside!

So we stayed home! We had some tasty food already and some sparkling cider, and our evening was complete :)

We had a nice evening. C had a nice trip, but I was glad when he was back home. February seemed to fly by, and was pretty busy overall for us. We have gained a lot of daylight now, and I am so thankful! I took a nice shopping trip up the road with my parents last week. I really needed to get out of town for my sanity!

Our gas price has gone up 35 cents in the past week, up to $4.50. What's yours? We have continued to get lots of snow. I was walking down our driveway yesterday, and we had around 4 inches of new snow, and it occurred to me that we have stopped caring about shoveling the snow now. We have had our quota and a measly 4 inches will just have to stay there and not be moved. I found it funny but also sad that we still have 2 or so months of winter yet and I am DONE clearing snow.

I went to see Big Miracle this week, and thought it was great. Go see it if you haven't!

I'm happy it is March! My birthday month, more daylight, one month closer to no snow!