Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Adventures

Last night, Lin wanted to know if I wanted to watch Twilight with we settled in for some chick flick action and some sherbet. We ended up mocking most of the movie, but we still had fun.

Went out for coffee this morning with the Red Head, and got a smoothie :) I'm looking forward to having several of those while in Hawaii!

After I left the coffee shop by myself, I headed up the road a bit to the Baycrest Lookout and took photos. (I love baby pinecones!)

Driving back into town, the thermometer said it was 45 degrees! (any Alaskan know what these are called?)

I headed up the hill to Skyline and took some Spit photos.

Back down the hill for a bathroom break at my place, and then off to the beach! Not sure how many times I have been there this week! At least 4? Maybe 5. I've lost track.

While I was at the beach, I kept hearing a strange racket, and finally looked up to see the guy pm the left was clanging a cymbal! The strange things I see here!