About Michelle
I was born and raised in the Homer, Alaska area and my husband was as well. We decided that this is home and do not plan to leave. I love the outdoors, especially the beach, which is evident in many of my photos. I am addicted to chocolate and occasionally to cookie dough ice cream. I spend a fair bit of time reading long fantasy series and enjoy a good, classic sci-fi show here and there.

About Photography
I have always been intrigued by photography, ever since my parents bought me an inexpensive film camera for my 10th birthday. As I grew older, and discovered digital, my photography improved, and then I fell in love with the art. It seems that it was a natural transition after growing up in such an incredible place.

My camera is like an extension of myself nowadays, (or so it seems at times!) I always have it with me, because without it, I would definitely miss a shot! I used to find the short days of winter depressing, but no longer. The sun being so low in the sky during daylight hours makes for incredible light at sunrise and sunset and I have come to anticipate winter’s arrival and no longer dread it. Sunsets are my passion, but I also can’t resist a lovely flower, or a moose traipsing through my yard. I try to stay consistent in what I shoot, but sometimes a random, fun subject slips in to keep it interesting!