Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First April Quake

I'm starting to get concerned at all these earthquakes we have been having lately. We just had a 4.5/4.69 quake 20 minutes ago. It's not that we are having so many quakes, because we have tons every day...just the fact that I have been feeling so many of them. The @Alaskans Twitter account has been full of earthquake reports already.

Yesterday I hung out with my friend Lin for a few hours. She is housesitting 2 streets over from us, so we are going to get together a bit more now.

It's a nice day today and I don't have much homework due today, so C and I are likely going to the beach! I taught him how to use my new camera a bit, and he was intrigued. I'm hoping that he will have fun playing with it.

In the mail yesterday, I got a random flier from "Disney Theatrical Productions" which turned out to be from my credit card company. The Lion King is coming to Anchorage! When I went to DC and NYC in 8th grade, my group went to see the Lion King on Broadway, and let me tell you...it was amazing. It is showing from September 2 through October 11 if anyone is interested. I'm intrigued, but not sure that C is. Just though I'd throw that out there!

The ash has melted a ton of snow, and turned the ground to mud. It is obnoxious. It's hard not to track in big globs of mud. And it just looks gross! But, it looks more "Spring-y" out there now, and warm! I can't wait for the end of April!!