Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My new lens!

Yesterday, C and I went to the beach. We checked the mail before we went, and I was so glad that we had! My new 70-300mm lens came :D I tore open the package on the way to the beach and sat in the car for like 10 minutes after we got there. C had been smart and brought a book. I tinkered with it and hopped out of the car and was amazed at all that I could see and shoot. I am a horrible judge of distances, but my goodness, this puppy takes some great shots from pretty far! And the macro setting is sweet as well. I'm still getting used to how it is different from a Canon lens. But I am very happy with it so far :)

Random guy with his Subaru on the beach and playing his guitar. I took this from the parking lot.
The crow was a little ways away from me. And the dog was just a few yards. I really liked being able to take more distant photos that looked good. Tomorrow I will probably go out again and take some more.