Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On Monday, I went a little crazy shopping. The True Value store had 50% off Christmas stuff. I got 2 rolls of wrapping paper, a hook for a wreath, and a bag to put wrapping paper in. I also picked up a large basket to put throw blankets in to keep next to the couch. We just had a cardboard box there, and this is bigger and nicer.

In the past 2 days, I've made 9 scrapbook pages. Now I'm caught up to September.

It's been cold here, so we've been staying inside. Yesterday, C and I met up with a friend of his. Or rather, they met up and 20 minutes or so later, I went to the beach to take pictures of the sunset, and that's where they were! We all decided to hang out until the movie at 6. We went to the True Value store and loaded up on weird candies none of us had tried. Then we hung out at my in laws' house for an hour. There was no where else to go that would be close, but warm.

On to the movie. We went to see Twilight. C for curiosity's sake and me because I figured I would like it. And I did. I thought the beginning was really corny and I kept laughing at the intensity of the staring between Bella and Edward. But I thought it ended up pretty good. Enough to make me ready to read the books now. But it was definitely a teenage girl chick flick. C, of course, didn't care for it in the least :P Ah well. Now I'm on a mission of rounding up the books. Sister in law has them, but the 1st book is out of state somewhere?! I want to read them before classes start again! The library is all checked out and C won't let me buy them :P

Not sure what we're doing tonight. We have no plans at this point (8pm) but that could change. Last year we had no plans and ended up busy with friends till after 1. We shall see!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Recap 3

After going back to town, we went home for an hour or so, and then went to the in laws' again. The oldest brother made enchiladas. It was snowing like crazy still, so I took some pics outside. I thought it looked really cool in the pictures.

C and his brother played Mario Party. I got bored quickly, and played a game with my mom in law called Qwirkle. She bought it for the family for Christmas. It was pretty fun. Then C and his niece made a pizza out of Playdoh. Made me hungry for pizza!

We went home about 10. I was definitely ready to be done with family at that point, but it was not to be. After we got off of work on Friday, we went back over there for a few hours to see brother in law once more. I got a call from a friend who had a gift for me. She stopped by their house. She made me a really nice scarf! I've been wearing it pretty much every day since then!

Well, that's the end of my Christmas recaps. Hopefully I'll have something exciting about New Years to share as well!

Cold temps before January

It's not even January yet and the temperature is already plummeting!

Looking at the forecast is a little grim.
Today: 7 degrees
Tuesday: -5, night -18
Wednesday: -3, night -10

Yea, I don't think we'll be doing anything outside New Years Eve!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Recap 2

Christmas Day
After we got home on Christmas Eve, we didn't fall asleep until 3am. We struggled to get out of bed at 10:30 on Christmas morning. We opened gifts together, just the two of us. And opened our stockings. C got me two CDs, a book and a DVD, all ones that I wanted. He did good! So we had fun having Christmas by ourselves.
Then we drove out to AP to spend the afternoon with my parents. Lucky for us, it had snowed all night and the roads weren't plowed yet! It was a bit tricky during the drive, but we made it. Of course, by the time we got there, there was at least 5 inches on the driveway. Lunch wasn't ready yet, so C and I played with the 3 kitties and then the four of us sat down to open presents.

We got Mom a photo collage of 2008. She loved it. And they in turn gave us a large framed family collage frame. It should be fun to fill it up!
Mom and Dad gave me a cute puzzle, a hair straightening kit, and a 12inch paper cutter for scrapbooking! My brother gave us a really soft blanket and Mom and Dad got one as well, that you can see below. I'm cuddled up in ours as I write this.

I also got C Photoshop CS3 last minute for him. I don't really consider it from me, but more from his and my parents. He ha(d)s version 7 and it crashes on Vista. He uses Photoshop every day to work on the website he works at. Needless to say, he was extremely happy and amazed and near tears to be getting it. He definitely had no idea it was coming either. It was well worth it to have him that happy with it!

Next we had lunch. Mom cooked a turkey, and we had more potatoes and a fruit salad. Towards the end we Skyped with my sister and her daughter. Her baby is getting so huge!!

After 4, we decided we had better home before it became dark. We wanted to stay longer, but I was wary of the roads. So we packed everything up and headed down the road. Thankfully, they were actually plowed and in a lot better condition. But then the snow started freezing on the windshield, so we had to pull over and scrape. But we made it home and that is all that matters!

The final recap is next!

Christmas Recap 1

Christmas Eve continuation...I became suspicious about the present our neighbor brought to us. I started feeling it and proclaimed it to be a box of chocolate from work. C looked skeptical but that's what it turned out to be. He was appalled! I think I will take the box to work and exchange it for something else :P

We rushed over to my in laws' house at 5, an hour early, because C's brother's ex wife was there with their daughter and we wanted to see them. We spent some time with them and then they went to the next house they were visiting. The 3 little girls (7, 3.5 and 2.5) all had a blast and chased each other, made a fort and made watercolor paintings. The adults made conversation until dinner was ready. Nearly everyone crowded around the table for ham and potatoes. Then more conversation, much to the aggravation of the children there :P The younger kids took to playing santa and sorting out the gifts for everyone. C and I ended up on the couch with me next to his sister and him next to a brother. The best part about opening presents was to watch the 3.5 year old open hers and then pose for pictures. She got a toy cell phone, so she kept "calling" her dad ("Wing, Wing!") Listening to their conversations was very funny and cute.

One brother asked for a digital camera and received it earlier in the week. He and I were having a camera war, I suppose, and took many pictures. I ended up with double the amount he had, but that's normal :P Some of these shots are his and also my mother in law's.

C got two nice pairs of pants and some socks from one brother. All asked for, of course. He got a funny tshirt from another brother. I got this crystal garden growing kit thing. It's kind of cute! I also got the Iron Man DVD, which totally made my night. I was thrilled :P C and I together received a game - "Baffle Gab." Anyone ever played it? We haven't really looked at it yet.

Mother in law has a stuffed horse collection and we got her one and her husband got her another.

We got the family Mario Party 8 for the Wii, so the boys ended up playing that until 1am...Needless to say, I was ready to go home and go to bed, but was entertained at least!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve cheer

I ventured out in my own car for the first time in over a week today. :) The scrapbooking store was having a 30% off sale, so I spent the $20 that my Grandma sent for me. Made me happy. Did a couple of other uninteresting errands and came home.

Came home, and C made deviled eggs and cookies. Our neighbor knocked on our door with a present (no clue what it could be!) which was sweet and we gave him a plate of warm cookies, which made him very excited. Our landlady dropped by with some jam she made - "jalapeno habanero apple" and raspberry. No idea what to do with the first one! We gave her some cookies too. It's fun to have company on Christmas Eve!

We got our Christmas cards in the mail. I might start addressing them today...maybe!

Now we're just hanging out until 6ish when we head over to the in laws. The holiday chaos has officially begun!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Favorite Books

I've been meaning to write this post for months. I finally decided this was the day! This is going to be a detailed list of my favorite novels and the reasons why. Hopefully this helps you find some new reading material!

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: JRR Tolkien - I discovered LOTR in junior high and went crazy about it. But this is a really timeless and classic series. The message is really powerful and I just love how it is written. Close to the top of my list!

The Circle Trilogy: Ted Dekker - This is probably my most favorite book series ever. It's a tale about good and evil, and what that would look like in the physical world. Fascinating story, and very powerful as well.

Blink (now Blink of an Eye): Ted Dekker - It's hard for me to describe what this story is about. It's easier to read another person's description!

The Chronicles of Narnia: CS Lewis - A classic. I love these stories.

The Wheel of Time
: Robert Jordan - Yet another series. It's very epic in proportion, eleven books are out and the twelfth is hopefully on its way. Jordan passed away last year (I believe) devastating fans because the series is not over yet. But if you like fantasy, this is the series for you.

Legends of the Guardian King: Karen Hancock - I discovered this series this summer. It's a really interesting series, making more connections with Christianity in daily life. But a great fantasy series as well.

Mark of the Lion: Francine Rivers - A series set in Rome after the time of Christ. Really well written and fascinating if you love history.

Lineage of Grace: Francine Rivers - 5 short novels about each of the 5 women in the lineage of Jesus - Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. Really interesting perspective, and gives insight into stories that I had never thought of before.

The Atonement Child - Francine Rivers - A novel about the effects of abortion on a family. But also the redemption and growth through it.

A Gown of Spanish Lace: Janette Oke - A romance novel, yes, but it has a really great ending.

To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee - One of those classics I was required to read once. But its one of my favorites.

I Want to Go Home!: Gordon Korman - The funniest book I have ever read. This is a juvenile fiction story, but it is hilarious! This is a Canadian author and his best work was his earlier stuff. He is writing things now, but definitely not as amusing as this one. The cover on Amazon makes it look really cheesey though.

I could go on and on, but these are my definite favorites. Maybe someday I'll make another list of other books, but for now I'll leave you all before you are too overwhelmed.

Seeing a Movie and Last Minutes

Here is C and his workplace, decorated for Christmas!

We went to go see Bolt today, with two friends. It was very cute and it made us all want to cry. We even got there early enough to get a couch!

After we left our friends, we went to the True Value store to have C look for some stocking stuffers for me. It was so weird to be in the chaos of frantic shoppers. The parking lot was nearly completely full and stuff. But we had fun playing with weird stuff, like elaborate nutcrackers.

Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow morning. I want to go to the scrapbooking store. They are having a 30% off sale! I wanted to go today, anyway, but it didn't happen. This is even better! At about 6, we're going to my in laws' place for the annual Christmas events.

Oh yes, remember a week or two ago when I mentioned that I won something? It came today! We got a knock on our door with this huge box awaiting us. I couldn't figure out what it was. And it turned out to be the Xyron 250 machine. It makes stickers for scrapbooking. I haven't quite decided what I will be making into stickers, but it's still a cool free gift!

Now I'm off to make C wrap my Christmas presents. Sensing any procrastination? :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gaining Daylight!

I'm not sure that I have ever stated how much I LOVE winter solstice. Why rejoice over the shortest day of the year? We are now regaining daylight!! It seriously makes me nearly giddy when I think about it. I hate going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark as well. The dark depresses me. Sunsets are so early. I was running around work today with my camera in my apron pocket, taking pictures of the sunset. At 4pm. I can't wait for a couple of more weeks to go by. Then I will notice a difference and rejoice. In the same way, just opposite, summer solstice depresses me. It means that winter is coming, if not for months. Anyway. Here are some photos I took today. It snowed a bit today and the trees looked amazing.

We are baking a pumpkin pie in the oven as I write this. No special reason, we just want one all to ourselves over Christmas. We will share with our houseguests (if we have any!) though! C and I both are off for the next 3 days from work and it feels really nice to get to relax and enjoy it.

Two friends are engaged as of yesterday! Congrats Rob and Jo! I'm excited for their tentative summer wedding!

I brought home some chocolate for C from work today. Except he doesn't know it. :P I put it on a plate and put foil over it. I'm waiting to see how long it takes him to notice it.
Anyway. I have all of my presents wrapped!! It feels good! I have been working on making a spreadsheet of everything I buy for everyone, and the costs of it all. This way I don't accidentally buy the same thing next year. And I will also know how much $ to budget for next Christmas as well. I feel like it's a smart thing to do.
I have yet to do my Christmas letter yet. I should probably get on with it. Maybe I'll do it tonight...

My dad put a different battery in my car yesterday. It started up for me last night. But I haven't had a chance to drive it yet. That's my goal for tomorrow.

We're going to see "Bolt" tomorrow with some friends. Hopefully it will be cute. I don't know anything about it!

Just found out my favorite brother in law is coming down tomorrow for Christmas and will be staying till Saturday. It's always fun to hang out with him. And another bro in law's ex wife is coming too, with their daughter. It will be great to see them too!

I'll probably write tomorrow about our adventures. Until then!

Friday, December 19, 2008

An emotionally eventful day

C came and brought me this single rose while he was on his lunch break :) The three ladies I work with were giggling away about it. But it was sweet. No reason, just he wanted to.

Today was emotionally draining for a while. We found out that my coworker's son apprently committed 2 breakins this summer around town, and possibly is connected to many more. He's in jail right now, and the whole family is coping. It's a very long and drawn out story, but suffice to say, everyone is hurting and in shock. He could be in jail for up to 5 years. If you all could pray for him and his family (he has 4 kids, as well) that would be wonderful.

Third thing. C took me to work this morning and I mistakenly grabbed the bag he takes and left my purse in his car. By the time I realized it, he had driven off. Said coworker let me borrow her car to go to C's work (a 2 minute drive, max) to retrieve my purse. C had brought it inside and as soon as I walked up and exchanged bags, his coworkers were like, "Ahh, so much better now!" :) And then I went to work.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New car? Sugar Free?

Tuesday we went to lunch with one of C's buddies. Subway it was, then we went grocery shopping with him. Fun fun!

Today we went to McD's with our favorite redhead and her BF. Had a fun time and then C had to go back to work. I went up to her house and played Mario Kart for the Wii....I am not good in the least!!

C accidentally bought sugar free ice cream the other day. From my experience at work, sugar free is not good in the least. Basically, they leave out the sugar, but add in more fat to sweeten it. Sweeteners are bad and if a lot is eaten, it can have a laxative effect on the I'm not so sure about this ice cream. The ingredients are full of the culprits, and there is even a warning on the side saying "excessive consumption may have a laxative effect." How much is too much?? It's ice cream! The whole point is to have a lot! Needless to say, I am wary of it!

My car has not wanted to start the past few days. Even when it's plugged in! And it's not even cold (25 degrees) Now, before you say anything about the battery or what not, my dad is a mechanic and will likely look at it the next time he comes to town. I have fought with the car many times when it gets cold and I am sick of it. C will take me to work early in the morning. But anyway, long story short, I am looking for another car at this point. This one has served a good purpose at a great price ($1000) but I need reliability since I am no longer living with my dad. If anyone knows of someone selling a good car in my area, please let me know!

I think that's the last of my adventures for now!

Chicken Cordon Bleu

C's brother makes an amazing Chicken Cordon Bleu. We have continually asked him for the recipe and finally got it at Thanksgiving. Little did we know how involved and in depth it is. I would love to provide the recipe, but I have a hard time understanding the recipe! So we made it tonight. We bought all of the ingredients, some obscure, (Phyllo dough and Le Gruyere cheese, anyone?) and begged C's younger brother to come and help. He actually helped make the food up when the other one made it. We picked up the youngest brother as well. It took over 2.5 hours to make and we ended up with the doubled recipe. We made two pans and C is taking the boys home as I write this and taking one pan to the brother who got married a month ago. It's an amazing meal, but a lot of work and hard to put together correctly. Whenever we really get good with making it, I will hopefully post the recipe. But until then!
Nathan with his jawbreaker.
The recipe involves lightly buttering the Phyllo dough.
Then filling it with a mix of chicken, cheese, ham and spinach, and then rolling it up nicely. The dough is very fragile, but all of the ingredients are perfect and make a great mix. It's worth the work in the end, but it sure can be a pain!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blessing of family

I came to the realization tonight of how nice it is that both of C's and my parents and us are in the same area. It might be a hassle in some years to get us all together and such, but we have the blessing of us having grandparents nearby whenever we end up with a kid or two. I didn't get that luxury growing up. For Christmas this year, we will be going to C's parents' house, my parents' house and likely my brother's as well. Lots and lots of family time! But it will be good. I'm excited about it. I think we have all the presents bought. Just waiting for a few of them to come in the mail. I still have a lot ot wrap, though. That will be a tomorrow project.
I ordered this poster for my mom for Christmas. Snapfish had a sale going on and this seemed like a good gift. I also ordered a similar idea on a mug for my mom in law. I can't find the screenshot I took of it though.
Here we are tonight, eating ice cream while watching a Voyager episode. Youth group was a fun time tonight. We had a joint group with another church in town. And now, we won't be having small group or youth group for 2 weeks, because of the holidays! I will miss them both, but at the same time, it will be nice to have a break. 1 week till Christmas!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Line Dancing....

For our small group tonight, we met with two other small groups at the local community center and had a potluck, and then learned line dancing. I wasn't too thrilled, but it turned out to be fun. I am a very uncoordinated person and have no sense of rhythm. I hated learning dances in elementary school. Tonight wasn't much better...just that everyone was older than us and doing better :P I learned one dance and sat out on another completely. Then C and I learned the two step together and had fun with it. A friend grabbed our camera and took this shot plus a movie of us. Kinda embarrassing, but still fun!

I won a contest!

I constantly enter blog contests. Jessica Turner hosted a blogging series about baby scrapbooking. I entered several of the contests. You also got entered into a drawing for putting her button on your I did and I won! I won the Xyron 250 sticker machine!

Check out the products listed and her layouts if you'd like!

I was excited to win it!

Christmas Tour Of Homes 2008

I just discovered this yesterday and figured I'd give it a shot! For those of you who have already seen these pictures, I'm sorry! I'll add some new ones as well.

For those of you new to my blog, I'm a newly married Alaskan girl who just moved out this year as well. It's our first Christmas in our first apartment, so I don't have much, but our place is cozy!
Here is our window in the living room. White lights around our window.
Here is our nativity set. We got this from my work for free. We think it's very cute. They are made out of a type of plastic and aren't as fragile as they may look.
This was our original setup. This is a fiber optics tree that doesn't work at the moment. So I put lights up on it!Our new tree we bought used! My favorite color is blue, so we used blue lights.
Here's the tree with the lights not as bright so you all can see the ornaments.

A favorite ornament - an Eskimo girlOur current setup. This doorway leads to our bedroom and our bathroom.We put our stockings on our bookcase. My stocking was made by my grandmother around the time I was born. I love it. I bought my husband this one sometime this year. He doesn't care what it looks like, but I wanted it to be a little bit festive.

So that's our little bit of Christmas joy! Thanks for stopping by!