Monday, April 20, 2009

Hometown Trip Part 2

Round two of the hometown photos.

Before I went to the beach, I went down a side street. There, I found berries! There are from last Summer/Fall, and a little withered, but still red!

Next, it was off to my parents' house. Each year, we get a sort of pond from melting snow. Along with weird clumps of grass.

I love this one. It's the hook on my dad's tow truck, and its shadow. I'm contemplating framing this one.

The river in another spot. I was on my way home at this point.

When I stopped at the river, much to my surprise, there was a duck floating around. The photos I snapped while he floated were alright, but not amazing. And then he took off. I wasn't really prepared for it, so I think this one turned out really well for a spur of the moment one.

Next up, kitty recaps!