Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We had an eventful day! We went to the church this morning for breakfast. It was very strange for me to have C with me there. I think that some people at the church wonder if I am actually married, because they never see C. But anyway, it was good.

After church, we gallivanted off to some friends/C's coworker's house for lunch with my parents and our host's family. It was a good time of fellowship, and turkey and pork :)

After we came home, I tackled my homework, and in between assignments, I ran off to the beach. I knew it would be a spectacular sunset. It was, but very very windy, so I didn't stay long. I discovered that my favorite place on the Spit to take photos of sunsets from is no longer good. The sun is setting too far north now, and I miss the best parts. This means that I will need to drive farther to get some shots.

Speaking of sunsets. Friday night, I was all geared up to go to the beach with C. I kept watching out the window at the rays of light on the backyard, and told C we should leave in 10 minutes. 5 minutes later, I looked out the window, and it was snowing! 5 minutes after that, our time of leaving, the sky was white. I was so unhappy!

I checked the weather tonight, and on Thursday, we are forecast to hit 50 degrees! Friday is supposed to be sunny with high 40s. I can handle that! It was gorgeous today, but a bit chilly. I can definitely tell that spring is on its way finally! An obvious sign came in the form of two big spiders in our house this week. Bleh!

2 weeks left of school, and less than 3 weeks till our vacation!