Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cringing at the past

I was going through past photos Friday night. I got the idea to make my favorite photos into photobooks (on Snapfish). So, I went through all the photos I had, especially the ones I threw my logo onto a couple months ago. And I was shocked to find that I was appalled. I had very few photos that I was very proud of. It was mainly the composition that I was unhappy with. I didn't understand my camera enough to make some ok shots great.

I literally was cringing at a few photos, even some I have taken this year. Looking at my shots from the past, oh, month and a half, I have improved immensely. It's a great feeling, but a bit depressing as well.

Here's a shot I took of baby pinecones two years ago. I'm pleasantly surprised with the focal length, but I can guarantee that it was purely unintentional, on auto with my point and shoot. But check out the car behind the cones. I could have picked a much better background.

Here's some different pinecones a week or so ago. Much less stressful in the background. A marked improvement (not necessarily, amazing, but you know!)

After checking out my photos, I scribbled down a list of places I wanted to go in the coming weeks to photograph, instead of just the beach and the Spit. There's only so much to photograph with no greenery! Tomorrow I will make a journey to photograph old territory with new eyes, and boy am I excited!