Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Learned This Week 7

I learned several things this past week...mostly after I made last week's post!

- Don't mess with blog themes! I learned this one the hard way. Well, could have been worse. 've done a fair amount of coding and such in my time, so I'm not completely clueless, but I don't understand Blogger templates. I wanted to change my look up a bit and downloaded a free one. There was a warning to save all of my sidebar stuffs, and I did that, and downloaded my previous template. I switched over to a new template. It looked pretty awful. And Blogger would not cooperate in letting me change my fonts and such. So I reverted back to the old layout, to my dismay. I was able to quickly get my old widjets from the sidebar back up and running.

Then I attempted to add another column to my layout from a tutorial Musings had...but Blogger would not cooperate. However, I did go into the HTML of the old template and do some tweaking. No more of that nasty down-pointing arrow. I changed the colors of the layout to my old website's minty look.

- It takes nearly 12 months for me to go through a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo. I got some new shampoo and conditioner on our honeymoon 11 months ago, and the conditioner has been gone a month or so, but the shampoo has lasted this long...I think it has a week or 2 more uses out of it. Who would have thought it takes me that long to go through shampoo!

- I learned that I finally have a celebrity look a like! On a forum the other day, I got this question, "Is it just me or do you have a striking similarity to Natalie Portman?" The kid used this photo for a reference. I can sort of see a resemblance, but not a huge amount. What do you all think?

So there you have it. For more, go to Musings of a Housewife!