Thursday, October 16, 2008

Love Story, Part 4

The next few weeks are a blur to me now. I wrote extensively of it in my journal, though. Neither of us had our licenses, so we were dependent on friends and family to see each other. (we lived 15 miles apart.) 2 of my best friends were dating 2 of his best friends, so we ended up having group "dates" all the time. Usually those consisted of going to the beach or the parks. It was a convenient way to see Husband all the time, especially since one of those guys had no qualms about driving to my town nearly every day to see his girlfriend.

It was always so much fun and such a learning process for us. We were both scared teenagers who didn't know how to express their feelings. We were able to make physical boundaries pretty early on, though and we kept pretty close to them the whole time. We learned how to communicate, after many tears and misunderstandings. We had come into the relationship that we were serious about looking for "the one," and that if the other wasn't right, we wouldn't continue. So serious from the start! I look back now and shake my head, but it all worked out.

We went on a missions trip together in July. We weren't together much, and were very busy. I was home for 2 days from that trip, and then my parents took me on a family vacation for 2 weeks. That was the longest 2 weeks of my life! I missed Husband so much, and could not call him much due to roaming cell phone charges. There was little internet in any of the places I was. It was good for me to be away from him, but I still missed him like crazy.
Us on the fourth of July, about a month into it.
A few days later, we went to Happy Valley Falls with some friends.

Summer turned to the school year, and we kept getting to know each other. It didn't take long to decide that we were going to marry each other. I think we might have rushed things just a bit, but that's how it goes sometimes! However, we knew that we wouldn't be able to get married for sometime, and we knew that we wanted to wait a while to be sure and to know that we would be mature enough to make it work.

To be continued on Monday!