Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love story, part 6

We would go into jewelry stores and discuss what we did and didn't like, so in September, we made a trip to Soldotna. I can't remember if we were on our own or not. But we sneakily went to the Fred Meyer Jeweler and picked out a ring for me. A cute, 3 diamond ring. And I was so excited, but then we were still not able to make plans.

It became a waiting game of when I could gather up the courage to feel out what my parents were thinking about us. One Sunday afternoon, right before I started house sitting, I was sitting in the car with my parents. Dad was taking a nap, and Mom and I were talking, and I finally just brought it up. "We were thinking about getting married, this is why it will work, we have jobs, we have a plan, etc. What do you think?" And Mom was very receptive, even excited. And Dad was half awake, listening the whole time :) Their thought was basically, "it's about time!" which surprised me greatly.

In our eagerness, we wanted to get this show on the road. So Mom and I set up, without Husband, a time for him to ask my dad for my hand. The deal was, we would be at dinner together, all 4 of us. We made a dinner date for Tuesday, October 30, at Happy Face on the Spit.

Now that I look back on it, I don't know why Mom and I had to be there, but for whatever, we did. So we had dinner. Poor Husband was pretty nervous, of course. I should have gotten up to use the restroom but I felt stuck to my chair and didn't and so Husband had to ask for my hand with 3 witnesses. I feel so bad now, but you know, it went fine. My dad said that they would be honored and I got a big grin.

We left, in one car, with big smiles, and a HUGE relief and weight off our chests, and a giddy feeling. We had pumpkin pie at my house sitting place for dessert.

So of course, we didn't tell anyone of what had transpired, because we weren't engaged yet. But we were both very giddy, and I felt like I was on cloud nine, knowing that we could finally be married. Husband started conniving a plan, trying to do something that I would love and to also surprise me. And I became impatient, wondering when he would pop the question!

Meanwhile, the next day after asking for my hand, Husband went to his college class and talked to one of my best friends that he had a class with. He asked her for help and she was excited of course, but I had no clue that she knew what was happening.

Later that week, said friend and I were hanging out when something occurred that I spilled the beans. She surprised me by not being very surprised. I didn't think about it too hard, though.

The next Wednesday, November 7, I got out of my college class and called that friend. I figured that she was with Husband, and they would be waiting for me. They were, but I found it odd that they were at the beach. Immediately I became suspicious, but at the same time, I knew that because my friend was there that he wouldn't ask then.

I arrived at the beach, one where we have lots of memories, where we collect sea glass, and take many pictures in the gazebo. It was freezing and windy, and almost time for sunset. Husband and my friend were sitting in her car. I bundled up and got out of mine and they got out as well. They both kind of had funny looks on their faces, but I was slightly oblivious. We chit chatted for less than 2 minutes when Husband said, "Come with me, I have to show you something!"

In that moment, he grabbed my hand and I knew it was the moment I had always wanted. We ran to the gazebo and the floor was sprinkled with alstroemeria flowers. He led me to a glass jar that I had found at a garage sale. He had put beach sand, sea glass, rocks and shells in the bottom and a little treasure chest in the middle. It was on a railing, so I was turned away from Husband as I looked. He had me open the find a gum wrapper ring that he had made. I was slightly disappointed, but at the same time, knew it was to be cute and memorable (and it was!). (Husband made me countless gum wrapper rings through our dating)

I turned around to see Husband pulling the real ring from his pocket and getting down on one knee. He took my hands as I stood transfixed and excited. I honestly cannot remember what he said, but I do remember the, "will you give me the honor of being my wife?" and I grinned, and stood there with tears in my eyes, and just basked in the moment before excitedly saying "yes!"

After that, we hugged, I looked at my ring, and I don't know what else. Soon, our friend came to the gazebo, camera in hand. It dawned on me that she was there to take pictures, knowing that I would be eternally grateful. She took pictures of us after she walked up and shared in our excitement. It was awesome to have her there for the moment and I am so happy that she was able to photograph our moment!

After calling the family, the friends, and getting excited responses, including Laurel screaming, and Husband's mom wanting us to hurry the message along because she was in a meeting, we started planning. April 4th was soon decided to be the day, and it was less than 5 months away!

Stay tuned for Monday!