Monday, October 20, 2008

Love story, part 5

Our senior year went by fairly well. School was not that great for me that year, and I didn't enjoy it in the least. Husband was the bright spot for me. We worked through a lot of expectations for each other. Time went on, we had our first anniversary (had a nice picnic). We longingly dreamed of the day we would be able to get married, but knew we didn't have a way of supporting ourselves long term and knew at least my parents wouldn't go for it, quite yet. Husband's parents were just ready for us to get it over with!

Prom, though we didn't go to the dance, just dinner.
Getting started early! :P
We spent a lot of time discussing what "someday" would be like. How we wanted it to happen as soon as we could. How it just made so much sense. But we waited. We waited until we knew we both had jobs, and could get the parental approval. Neither of us knew what living on our own meant. Slowly, we understood, and still wanted it more. I started house sitting jobs, to get some independence. I'd been paying my own expenses since I got a job, and Husband did too. Once we had been together 2 and a half years, we finally decided to get the ball rolling. With both of us almost 20 years old, we knew we were young, but we felt we could make it and do fine....So it was time to talk to my parents...

That will be continued on Thursday!