Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fresh Fruit

Tonight, after I got off of work, waiting for Caleb to be done, I went to go deposit my paycheck. On the way by the bank, I saw this guy selling fresh vegetables. When I was done at the bank, I backtracked at stopped in. My boss was telling me about it this morning and how all of the goodies that she got were really fresh and yummy. Today was supposed to be the guy's last day. He was down to the last of his goodies. He gave me a generous slice of a nectarine to try, which was delicious. I bought 2 plums and a cucumber. I mistakenly thought it was a zucchini and realized my mistake at my car. I went back and asked if I could trade for a zucchini. I guess zucchinis were cheaper, cause he told me I got 2 for the same price. So that was cool :) I ate one plum and it was very good. I haven't had fresh fruit in a long time. So that was an interesting diversion and worth the money.

I just finished a bowl of ice cream. Caleb and I haven't had ice cream in over 3 weeks. (new record!!) Now I'm off to scrapbook and then cut Caleb's hair. Then it's back to work tomorrow afternoon!