Monday, October 27, 2008

Love story, part 7

We were engaged! I could finally tell everyone and be openly excited. We did a lot of planning, and soon it was April 4th!

Husband and I saw each other before the ceremony. He was in the sanctuary, with his back turned and then I walked up behind him. He cried when he saw me. We had a few moments alone and then the whole family (both sides) rushed in for pictures.

I thought I would be fine for the ceremony...but as soon as it was time, I started crying and never stopped. He and I both cried, overjoyed that we were finally getting married. We had our first ever kiss at the end of the ceremony. The ceremony went well, the receiving line turned out to be fun (once I stopped crying!) and the reception was a blast. The whole day went by so quickly though! It was amazing to have so many loved ones around to celebrate our day.

We left, and headed to our apartment, and the next day, onto our honeymoon. We had an amazing honeymoon, where we traveled to Soldotna and Anchorage just to get away. We even both got sick, him just not feeling well and me with the flu, but it changed nothing. It was a great time for both of us.

Now we are living life, nearly 7 months later. We still love being married. :) Hard to believe it's almost been a year since we got engaged!

Me and my youngest niece.
All photos by Joshua Veldstra.

Thanks for reading our story! I hope it inspires you to tell your own!