Friday, January 23, 2009

Apartment Tour #1

I decided to do my apartment tour a bit early :P

Welcome to our apartment! I figured we'd start in the kitchen. When we first signed the lease on our place, our landlords were still working on the place. It wasn't painted yet or anything. And they didn't tell us anything about it and we didn't think to ask. A week or so after we signed the lease, we stopped by for a look and we shocked by the kitchen walls. The only colored walls in the place, and they painted them this bright, olive green. C was not impressed, and I was pretty shocked. We got over it and I can tolerate it now. There are times it just feels gloomy, as we don't have a window or anything in there, but it's fun too.
Here's our lovely refrigerator, brand new when we moved in. I have since covered up the wall closest to the door with restaurant menus and such.
Above the fridge, we have lots of cabinets. There isn't room in this place for a pantry, so we took the space above everything to make a pantry. Not terribly attractive, but it's easy to see what exactly we have!
Here we have one side of the kitchen. We have since filled in the bare wall, which you will see in a moment.
These are our adorable salt and pepper shakers! My mother in law got them for me one Christmas because they are so cute. We haven't put anything in the cow yet, but the sheep has cinnamon and sugar in it. The coloring looked right for it :) And behind them is our vase of spatulas. My brother in law (my sister's husband is a ceramics instructor and an artist of his own work) made it. We received a ton of spatulas and pancake flippers for our wedding. C thinks I should make a real post about it to show the myriad of different ones we received. I probably will sometime soon. These shown are most of them.
Here's the blank wall! No longer blank. This is a photo by Pat Shields, a teacher who passed away a year ago. He was a family friend, and I picked this up at his estate sale.
Our blender, toaster and our silverware holder. The toaster doubles as an egg mcmuffin maker. We received it as a wedding present from one of C's coworkers. My mother in law was so intrigued by it that she insisted on coming over soon after we set it up to try out an egg mcmuffin. It makes them fine, but they need some kind of seasoning to taste more exciting.
I love the frog sponge holder. I bought him from Kohl's. We don't actually use him, but he's a fun decoration.
And this is my pride and joy from this afternoon! I put up the photos earlier today after I received more hooks. I got the frames from IKEA, and I thought they went perfectly with the wall...not always with the photos, but they'll work! :) None of these are any of my photos. The 2 matted ones I bought from my company, and I think someone from Anchorage took them. The vertical photo is actually not a true photo in a sense. I clipped it from my company's catalog a couple years ago. It's a beautiful shot that I wanted to save. The remaining 3 frames are notecards from Bill Scott, a local photographer. He has amazing work and I couldn't resist putting them on my wall. I love how it looks awesome with the clock. My parents bought the clock for me for my birthday a couple of years ago. The bright colors of the frames and the clock look pretty good against the wall. I wasn't sure there was much potential with the wall when we first moved in, but I know better now!

That concludes my first post on our place. Stay tuned next time for the "dining room" and possibly the bathroom.