Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monitor and Anniversary

I think I posted about buying a new monitor with wedding money. Well, it came yesterday. It is huge! We went with a 19" View Sonic flat screen. It is going to be awesome to edit pictures on! I'm pretty excited about it and I can't wait till my desktop arrives as well. Oh and the best part about the monitor is that it can be pushed back against the wall on the desk giving me tons of room to do schoolwork on this desk, which I have never been able to do comfortably anywhere. YAY!

Yesterday was our Friday and also 4 months since our wedding. So we went out to dinner at Boardwalk Fish and Chips. We hadn't been there in 2 years. The food was ok, not really spectacular or anything. It was more the celebration which was fun. I had been wanting to walk on the beach afterwards, but it rained the whole time. The Spit looked pretty cool shrouded in fog, though.

Caleb's sister lent us Juno last week and we might finally watch it tonight. I've been cleaning around the place this morning to make it look more presentable again. I also want to scrapbook today. We'll see how it all goes!

I kind of got a cold this weekend. Saturday I had a sore throat and by the time it was 6pm, I had a weird headache that hurt my neck and stuff. I came home from work just exhausted. I didn't go to church cause I wanted to make sure that I could go to work for my boss's sake. I went to work and felt better. Then yesterday, I had no appetite for breakfast or lunch, but was queasy cause I hadn't eaten much. It was a frustrating cycle. Today I feel better and I have more of a cough than anything else. I took some medicine several times and I think I wiped out a lot of the cold before it really got started, but my voice is funny and my throat hurts some and I couch. Oh and I have no taste, apparently. Caleb just made brownies and I couldn't even tell they tasted like them :(