Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love story, part 2

In my newly found attraction for Husband, I soon started to agonize. I could not figure out what he was thinking, and I didn't want to change our friendship. I would start to think that he had feelings for me, but then something would set me back. We were both too shy to do anything about it. I think most of our friends that didn't already know could see what was happening.

Time went on, my mother went through treatment. (She's fine by the way!) It took 7 months of dilly dallying for Husband to make the first move. A friend had sent an email forward that talked about two friends who were in love with each other but did not know how the other felt. I still have the email.

2 days after my friend sent it, on May 16, 2005, I was talking to Husband on MSN, when he suddenly got really serious. (everyone teases him for doing this on MSN, but it worked :P) He brought up that email forward and I could suddenly see what was coming. I freaked out and could hardly breathe. Husband told me that he couldn't hold it in any longer and that he liked me. I was so excited/shocked that I didn't say anything for several minutes, which really scared him. Once I got over the shock, and replied that I liked him too, we kind of relaxed, but not really. We talked for hours, and he picked the worst time to bring it up, as I had a big paper due the next morning. I got a bad grade on it, but it was the best bad grade I ever got!

However, at this point, we still weren't "dating" and the next day we went for a walk from Husband's house to what we soon would call "the grassy spot," a little trail near his place. We had a long and awkward talk about what this all meant and how we didn't want our friendship to change, etc. But we still weren't dating officially!

That will be coming next Monday!