Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Ready

Caleb made it home :) It was so good to see him.

On Wednesday, we went on 2 different hikes. First, we went to Happy Valley Falls with Jana and Mitch. When we got back into town we went to China Grill for dinner. Then we went home for an hour and headed to small group to go on another hike. We went out into the boonies for an hour, and got our feet wet in the marshy ground. It was fun! We woke up pretty sore the next morning, though!

Friday, we had the rehearsal dinner for Garrett and Sarah. It was fun to hang out with everyone. Saturday, I worked and got off early to go to the wedding. It went pretty well and it was fun to hang out with everyone. Caleb had a lot of fun being a groomsman and hanging out with some friends there.

Tonight I am going to start packing for the fair. We're going to the state fair Tuesday morning. We are going to leave pretty early in the morning and then go to my parent's house for breakfast. Then we'll be going to Caleb's brother's apartment and then to the fair all day. Wednesday we'll be shopping and coming home. It'll be a long trip, but a fun one!

My dad had his surgery. It went well. He's home now, resting up. They think they got all of the cancer, which I am very grateful for. Going home on Tuesday morning will be a good chance to see them!

I'd better start packing. Here's some pictures!