Monday, August 18, 2008


Caleb left for jury duty yesterday. We spent our short lunch breaks together and said our goodbyes then. He was disappointed that I didn't come when he saw the hotel. It has a pool and it's really nice and stuff. He spent all day today at the courthouse, finding out nothing. There are 56 potentials there and no one was dismissed yet. He's going in at 1:30 tomorrow to find out what's next. I almost decided to go to Anchorage in the morning. My parents are driving up, but we decided that it would be foolish because he will likely be coming home tomorrow anyway so it would be a wasted trip. :( (I am missing him a lot..especially now that it's almost time to go to sleep) He's doing a whole lot of nothing up there - reading, playing the DS, watching TV. So pray he gets to come home to me soon!! Our apartment is too empty without him!

I hung out at Jana's last night after work. It was fun and nice to have company for a while. Tonight I went grocery shopping and am now home, doing little projects to stay busy.

I haven't brought up my parents' health yet. Mom and Dad both are going through some issues. Mom had surgery 2 weeks ago on her parathyroid. She's doing great. Dad has surgery for prostate cancer on Wednesday. He's going in for pre-op tomorrow. (Thus the Anchorage trip) I debated going up there to hang out with Mom, too, but I can't really take the time off of work anyway. So if you all could pray for Dad on Wednesday, it would be really appreciated. He'll be in the hospital several days and Mom will be driving around Anchorage.

Anyone care to come over for ice cream and a chick flick? :P