Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apartment Tour #2: Dining and Bath

On to the Apartment Tour part 2! This time we will cover our "Dining Room" and the Bathroom.

Directly after the kitchen is the tiny almost non existent dining room. I haven't gotten great photos of this area, because it is constantly cluttered with dishes and as a catchall.
This is the wall close to the fridge. It has become the wall of our photos. As you can see, there are only the 4 frames up so far. I'd love to add more. The second photo is our table. Mainly focus on the tablecloth! There is little room here for the table, so it is up against the wall, making it awkward to have a dinner party. It works for what we need, though and I think that is what matters.
These are 2 of the 4 chairs C put back together. They were from the thrift store, and had a green upholstery that was kinda junky, and they were a brown wood that needed help. Plus they were very rickety. C's coworker, who used to work in a furniture store, helped him reupholster the cushions, and tighten and rework the wood. He also spray painted them a sleek black. We have 2 white and 2 red ones. I'm very proud of C and the chairs. I think they look fantastic.
This is the doorway leading to the bedroom on the left and bathroom to the right. I'll talk about the photos in the next(?) post. And as you can see, the closet is right there for all to see.
I am pretty proud of this part. Just behind the doorway is a little nook. We have some chimes hanging from the ceiling that we received as a wedding present. The corner shelf below is a favorite of mine. I purchased it at a garage sale. It's filled a bunch of beach decor. I have always wanted a bathroom with a beach theme, and I sort of have it, but not really.
Coming into the bathroom, we have our washer and dryer, cupboards, and beyond the wall, the shower. Nothing too terribly exciting. Just past the shower is the clock, and matching 3 photo hanging frame. I filled it with scenes from the beach I have taken through the years. Don't mind the glamorous breaker box. The top of the toilet just has a fish dish that has no real purpose!
Next to the toilet to hold magazines is a box that holds magazines. Moving onto the sink, which is right to the toilet, there is a soap dish in the shape of a sea shell. The little cow frame is a tiny nic nac C bought for me in Mexico when we first started dating. I think it's very cute. And lastly, the floor has an odd assortment of rugs. There's a sort of beach theme, but they all kind of clash. Ah well!

Stay tuned next for the bedroom, and possibly the living room!

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