Monday, October 13, 2008

Love Story, part 3

It was a long but giddy couple of weeks for us. I had a computer class and Husband and I would email each other back and forth during that. He's always been a big romantic and would email compliments to me that made me smile the rest of the day. It was a fun time.

School ended and right after that, Husband went on a trip past Anchorage to see a friend. I was missing him like crazy. I couldn't talk to him much at all. He had told me he'd been praying about us before he left and wanted some confirmation from God that it was ok to date me. While he was on the trip, at church, he got what he was looking for. To this day, I cannot remember it. I'll have to ask him again. Anyway, so he got on MSN that afternoon and asked me out. (another thing he will never live down) Another instance of he couldn't wait. (Don't worry, that trend of not being able to wait ended there!)

They came home that night and somehow I made contact with them. At 1 in the morning they drove down my driveway and I snuck out of my house for the first time in my life and we drove to my dad's shop down the driveway. I know we sat there for at least an hour. There were 4 of us, just talking, but Husband and I just kept looking at each other. When it was time to go, he walked me home and we hugged all excitedly, but awkwardly. May 29 was a good day!

To be continued on Thursday!