Saturday, August 9, 2008


I stepped outside this morning to say bye to Caleb and there was a definite nip in the air. It's too early for summer to be over!!

I've had a cold for a week now and it's getting old. Every day it's something different. Yesterday I felt awful, today I feel pretty good, but it's been on and off all week like this. It's frustrating.

2 nights ago I got finished with the wedding part of my scrapbook! I'm working on the honeymoon, which isn't going to take that long. After I finish a page, I take a picture of it (I don't have a scanner) I've been planning on uploading all of them to photobucket and completing the albums I have on there to share my scrapbooks. When I get my new computer, that might actually happen. It's a big hassle right now.

This is my second to last day of 8:30s! Starting after Sunday, we'll be closing at 7. This is the one thing I love about summer ending - the lessening of the hours of work. Having just an extra hour in the evening is amazing. It's sad to have to go into work an hour earlier, but I'd rather have it be like that!

I worked out a more realistic budget for this month. It reflects more of our realistic spending, rather than ideals. Hopefully we can stick to it and I can maximize the amount we save!

Caleb just called from work to see what I was up to. Yesterday I called him on my lunch break, all feeling bad and stuff. He came by when he was off to see how I was doing. I love his thoughtfulness. He just called now to talk to me and see how I was. :)

Well I have to go do the dishes now...we're out of clean forks!