Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Love Story

I came across this really cute idea from for writing your love story. I will continue it on Thursday, hopefully. So here it is!

Husband and I met our freshman year of high school, at the Christian school. It was a very small school by some standards. We had a few classes together. He was homeschooled mostly, but took a few classes at the school. The way he tells it, fairly soon after school started, he looked around the room at all of the girls. He mused about which one he could see himself marrying. Oddly enough, he saw me towards the end and decided I was a good one. (Note, he wasn't just deciding right then and there, just musing) He didn't know my name or anything about me, but I was reading a book and was all quiet. And then a friend leaned over and said something to me and I laughed. And scared him to death.

I laugh a lot, and especially so when I was insecure as in high school. I laugh loudly and somewhat obnoxiously. So for whatever reason, I scared him. That's how he likes to tell it, anyway. After this, he kept that thought at the back of his mind and would come back to it time to time, but just went on with life.

I on the other hand, was completely clueless and oblivious to him. Being a small school, I should have gotten to know him pretty easily, but it just didn't happen. I was focused on other guys there, and he didn't seem interested to me, so I never gave him another thought.

The next year, I started to notice that every so often he would be looking at me. Husband claims he didn't, but I distinctly remember it and being surprised. Towards the end of that school year, we sort of got to know each other a little bit, through a friend.

School ended, and in early summer, I started talking to Husband via MSN messenger. Said friend continually would have constant chats with everyone in one window. After a couple of these, I added Husband to my list because he was "so funny and nice." So as the summer went on, I got to know him a bit and really enjoyed talking to him.

And then school started again. I switched to the public high school and he continued homeschooling. By this time I was pretty good friends with him from our online chats and was attending youth group regularly, so I saw him often.

Around this time, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I was majorly distracted and hurting. The day she was diagnosed, Husband was actually on a trip on the east coast. And I was surprised at myself for wanting him to know about it so he could pray for me and just be there. The same friend managed to get a hold of him to tell him about it.

He was not having a good semester that year. He was going through some stretching spiritually and with some friend drama, so he was not really focused on me at all. But the stuff with my mother made him even more wary of his feelings. I haven't ever been able to pin down with him when he actually started feeling for me, because he is so bad at dates. Somewhere around this time!

A month later, in October, towards the end, it suddenly occurred to me that I liked Husband. Which started a roller coaster of emotions and hope and disappointment.

To be continued!