Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anxiously Waiting

My new computer is supposed to arrive sometime today. I'm thrilled!

I spent Sunday at home until I went to work again. I was coughing pretty bad, but I also thought that I had pinkeye. On Saturday, I noticed my eye was very red in a spot. I watched it, bought some Visine and worried :P After Sunday came around, we determined it wasn't pinkeye, and then I remembered I had hit my eye with something at work on Friday. It's been looking better ever since.

We closed at 7 on Sunday. That was an amazing feeling! :)

My friend Jana is coming home on Thursday. I'm really excited to see her :D

I took over the coffee table last night and organized a bunch of my scrapbooking stuff. I put pens and scissors in a mug, scrap papers in a box, stickers in a baskets, and paper packs in a bigger basket and put them all on the shelf under the coffee table. It got everything organized and now I can find it without digging through my paper box. I'm pleased to have it all at my fingertips! (I scrapbook at the coffee table)

I'll probably post again when the computer shows up!