Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apartment Tour #4: Living Room

And the final installment in the apartment tour! The living room!

I told you we would come back to this! The doorway is going to be covered in photos of our families. Mine on the left and C's on the right. I just have run out of photo frames to finish my project.
Looking to the right shows the dining room, to give some perspective. Along the wall on the right, I have these photos. This is becoming the friend wall. Yet again, I ran out of frames, so this is a work in progress.
Stepping into the living room a bit shows what is seen when walking into the front door. Now I have a big basket next to the couch with throw blankets in it. The shortest bookcase is probably going to be moved once C finishes the shelves he is building. I've been wanting to put up a painting in the space above it, but I've decided to wait. As you can see, I love books. I have my scrapbooks on one whole shelf to themselves. The coffee table is my scrapbooking work station.

Here are close ups of the short shelf. This is basically the wedding/us shelf. My bouquet, our unity candle is on here. I also used to collect rocks and sea shells back in the day, so I have several bowls of them on this shelf. The kiss shaped thing is what C used to propose to me with. :)
I love these little puzzle type box shelf things. Not sure what to call them. The green thing on the top is a candle holder that can have things on the outside. So I put the flat pieces of green and white sea glass in it that C and I find. The flat plate next to it is a tray that my grandma had that I received when she passed away. It's from my town and features a popular attraction in the Bay. Down below, the little pyramid is from Mexico when C and I went. The white bowl is from my coworker. She purchased it for me from her last trip to the Netherlands. The next box over has a vial of gold, and a few rocks. Back to the bottom again, my clover box. A friend gave it to me when she didn't want it any longer. I wanted it, because my birthday is St. Patrick's Day. And lastly, the teacup was my step grandma's.
The tallest bookcase we have currently has my CD collection on top. And on top is our bamboo plant that we received for our wedding! It is thriving and has grown a lot :)

My windowsill with goodies! I've always wanted a windowsill to put things in. The two big wood pieces are made by my grandpa in Cali. Next to the kitty is a jar of sea glass. Then a mini cactus that my sister brought from Arizona :). In the last picture, is a vase with white rocks that we have collected from the beach.

And lastly, here is where we spend the most of our time! Yes, we have 3 computers. The one on the right does not work all the time, so it is just backup. The green and white rugs aren't there at the moment. They have a new home in the closet.

So that's our place! Thanks for enduring my myriad of photos!

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