Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Link Love

I've been wanting to post links of interesting sites and articles for a while and haven't done it yet. I hope to make it happen fairly often.

This Is Sand - a cute little flash page where you can make pictures from dropping sand.

God's Pharmacy Forward - Don't know if all of these are correct, but it sure can't hurt to eat most of these foods, right?

St. Louis Ocarinas - An interesting site that sells ocarinas (ever played Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time?) and tons of song books, even ones that have Zelda songs. They're definitely filling an interesting niche.

Genesis Moments: Man's First Kiss - A writing contest sponsored by a lady in AK, this was the winning entry. I thought it was cute and well written.

Colour Lovers - A unique site on colors. Every entry covers something I would never think to compare or write about. It's really interesting, and they have some beautiful pictures.

Cool Things - Dirty Car Window Art - Insanely good art in that annoying window dirt.

A bookcase and a staircase - I would love this in my house!

That's all for now!