Thursday, October 2, 2008

AP town

I made a trip out to AP today to get my snow tires. My parents are going on a trip this weekend and I'm afraid the snow might come before they come home. It's been almost a month and a half since I've been out there. My kitties were excited to see me and hadn't forgotten me yet. The leaves are almost gone on the drive, and I missed the best days for photos. It was a nice quiet drive. I was in a bit of a melancholy mood after finding out some bad news.
Dad and I got my tires and then we tried to find Mom and after a bit of manuevering, found her at the post office. We got lunch from the local "Mexican" restaurant and ate it at the firehall. It was good and fun. :)

Now I'm home and reflecting on my hometown. At 1pm, we were on the main road, and town was so quiet! It really is pretty tiny, but a nice town. I was noticing how the local pawn shop guy was sitting on his front porch, waiting for business. I can't imagine that he gets much, though. For some reason, the whole experience just struck me. Not really sure why.

Tonight we are going to that couple I wrote about from small group's house for dessert. It should be a fun time to get to know them!
I ordered Caleb a Carhartt jacket this week. It was on sale for a good price and I've been wanting to get him another coat. The only jacket he has is much too big and bulky for a lot of use. It's great for winter when it is very cold, but not good for summer or fall. The jacket came today and I'm waiting for him to get off of work so he can try it on! I hope that it serves him well and is worth the investment!
I also ordered him a dressy shirt yesterday. I think I will give it to him for Christmas. My husband has a small frame, so it is hard to find nice clothes that aren't too huge for him. He has a lot of nice dress shirts, but are just too big. So I have made it my mission to get him some more. So far I have one coming!

I found out that one of my coworkers is missing me and another girl a lot. She's pretty much just been working with my boss for a month only so they're getting tired of each other. It felt nice to be missed :)

I came across a blog post on another blog challenging others to write about their love stories on their blog. So that's my goal for later. I found some cute ones, so I found some inspiration. Look for that sometime soon!