Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm one of those people who loves Christmas. Such that by Halloween, I'm ready to decorate the house. Also meaning that I buy presents early as soon as I find what I want. I still put some off till the end, but I get good deals this way. My pile of boxes from the mail has gotten a bit bigger, so what did I do today? I just wrapped 7 presents. Maybe it's the attempted snowing outside or putting off homework or housework. Now I have a tidy pile on a shelf in the living room and a box with presents for Husband hidden in the closet. I know I'm crazy. Now the hard part begins of finding the presents for those impossible to shop for family members!

We put out Christmas items at work this week. Not our full table, but just some that have been sitting upstairs since January. No point in not selling them.

Needless to say, I can't wait to decorate for my own place this year!!

Last night we went to our friends' house for dinner. We stayed 4 hours, just talking around the table. Good company :) And the dessert was really yummy, of brownies with cookies on top. *waves to Lori!!* It was a lot of fun, and nice to be inside as it sounded like we were having a blizzard, but it was only raining.

Yes, I'm procrastinating doing my homework. And it has tried to snow today. Or rather, it's been snowing this rainy slushy mix that melts. I think the top of the hills had some that actually stuck though.

It's school fundraising month apparently. We've gotten hit up by more than one, from my niece and several of my coworker's kid and his friends. I'd love to do everything, but I don't need any of it!
Safeway has been in the habit for the past several months asking if you want to donate to this or that research. October is of course, breast cancer awareness month. I still tell them no, though I sometimes think I should contribute, due to Mom's bout. As she likes to say, "I've donated too much to that cause as it is!" Not sure where I'm going with this...go get a checkup! :)

Maybe tomorrow I'll post more than just random happenings. Now I really do need to do homework!!