Monday, October 20, 2008


Friday, my boss bought pasta salad and hot cocoa for me and her to eat at work for lunch. We sat upstairs and ate it together. It was nice :) I love my boss. That was definitely the highlight of the day, because after that, my throat starting hurting. By 5, my head did too. I was cranky all night to poor Husband and just wanted to sleep. He was (and always is) a good sport about it.

Saturday, my head no longer hurt, but it was obvious I had caught the cold going around town. I felt better than the night before and was not cranky, thankfully. Work went alright, and wasn't too big of a deal. Except I had a flat tire! My boss's husband came and aired it up and I've been keeping an eye on it ever since. It looks alright, but time will tell!

After work, Husband and I went to a wedding reception. It was fun to get to meet the bride, and chit chat. I used to not like meeting new people, but nowadays, I seem to thrive off of it, for some reason. Anyway, that was a fun time, and then we went home. It was so cold outside, due to the wind. We ran to our car and then when we got home we ran into our place to warm up. I'm not ready for winter yet! By the time we got home, I started to drag again.

Sunday, went to lunch with my parents after church. It was good time and then Mom and I went "shopping" at Ulmers. 40 bucks later, I left, but I had several needed things. I got a cute little clear 3 drawer container to put on my computer desk to help control the paper clutter I have everywhere. I also got us a new paper towel holder. We got one at Salvation Army before the wedding for like a dollar and it drives me crazy! It's only a wire base with a wire pole to hold the towels. The problem is that is so light that it does not hold steady when you try to get a paper towel off! Basically, you need 2 hands to get a paper towel off of the holder...and sometimes, you only have 1 hand when reaching for one. I wanted to get a new one on our honeymoon, but Husband didn't think we needed one...(obviously I thought differently) but I didn't put up a fight. SO, here I am in Ulmers and they have all kinds of fancy ones, and some cheaper ones. Way more expensive than say, Walmart prices, (everything in Ulmers is not that cheap) but I decided on a nice, heavy one and purchased it. Those were the 2 most exciting items I bought. Husband thought it was nice. I think he's figured out why I wanted a new one, since the honeymoon, by the way. But yes, it is SO much nicer. I can't get over how much happier I am with it! Anyway, this is becoming a weird tangent.

Due to my shopping trip I didn't get started on my homework until 4:45, right before Husband got home. I didn't do hardly any homework on Friday or Saturday, due to feeling so out of it and not being able to concentrate through my cold. Thus, I had to scramble last night. I did some of what I needed to, but left 2 things that I just knew I didn't have the brain capacity left to do a good job on. It felt good to just let it go and not worry about it.

This morning's highlight was my meeting for "coffee" with my favorite red head. We talked politics, church, friends, significant others, life, the usual. It's always so fun to do that with her. After that, I took her home, and bought some groceries. I've been sitting here ever since, catching up on other love stories and blogging. My original plan was to clean and clean some more today, but at the moment I don't have much ambition. Every Monday I attempt to do a ton of homework and it never happens, so I figure that today I won't attempt any. All I will do is clean my house!