Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amusing moments

I went into work today, with Husband in tow, to say goodbye to a coworker who is leaving for 3 months. Turns out that my boss had left some clothes for me to try on that had been her daughter's. I didn't think they would fit at all, because her daughter is pretty small. But, it turns out that most of the clothes were big on me! Out of 9 articles of clothing, I am taking 4 - a grey sweater, a pair of jeans, a jean skirt, and a little black dress. The dress is cute, not really my style, but it has a high neckline. The tradeoff is it's short on the bottom, but oh well. I was going to take a picture of it, but my computer is not cooperating right now. Anyway, I was rather shocked to be smaller than her, but I love hand me downs!

On a similar note, Husband did 2 amusing things today. As a bit of a disclaimer, Husband and I have most of the same tastes, and he is not being mean if he tells me something does not look good. Most of the time I agree in the end. I was trying on the clothes and he was giving me his opinion. I put on this black button up shirt, that only had 2 buttons in the middle, and it was a bit big. He wasn't paying attention to me at the moment, and when I asked him, "Does this look stupid on me?" He turned and glanced for a second before saying "yes." Haha. For some reason it struck me as hilarious. This is not abnormal behavior from him, and I never take offense at that from him, but I was thinking about how other women would probably be hurt or offended by that remark. I, on the other hand, laugh and agree.

Amusing moment number 2. Referring to my moment a week or 2 ago, and my Christmas obsession, while we did the dishes tonight, I conversationally brought up when I could start decorating, and kiddingly asked if I could start now. Totally seriously, he replied "yes." I stopped talking and just sat there, "oh...". Husband started laughing and was like, "You didn't expect that, did you? I took the wind right out of you!" It threw me off so much, especially when he said that he likes to decorate a bit early for it. Husband doesn't care about Christmas. It doesn't excite him or anything. Where on earth did this come from?? Anyway, so I might start a bit early, in November, so we don't get so sick of it all, but it was nice to know that he doesn't care...unlike some families who insist on after Thanksgiving.
I love decorating before then. I don't see the point in only having the decorations up for a month.
Anyway, here are some pictures.
This was a couple weeks ago. I think the contrast between snow on the hill and not on the trees is fascinating.

This was at the church a week ago. I thought it was very dramatic in all red.
These 2 are from the hill, of the Lake and the Spit.