Thursday, October 16, 2008

9 year old and politics

Today, my 9 year old brother in law was asking me who I am voting for in this election and then proceeded to tell me that he wants to order, from the internet, one of those McCain/Palin support signs. Wow. It threw me off pretty well. That's not something he would normally care about. My mom in law told me they've all been following the campaigning closely, as the 2 older kids are pretty interested in it, so Nathan is too.

My mom in law also told me that my sis in law (k, way too many in laws in this post!) who came over last week had a great time with me. I didn't doubt that she did, but I was seriously not doing a thing when she came over and all I did was talk to her. I don't make that much conversation with her really, so it made me happy that she actually enjoyed herself.

So, I was attempting to write this entry when my power flipped off. It's at least the 2nd time it did today. No idea how many more times it has. There's been a work crew working in our neighborhood. It would have been nice to know that they would be shutting off the power, especially more than once!
So, when I realized it wasn't coming back on for a while, I packed up a book and drove to the beach and did homework there. It was pretty distracting, but I got an accounting quiz done there.

Husband will be getting home soon. So I need to get cracking on some more homework!