Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Husband loves pumpkin pie. I love it too, but I think he likes it more. Before we got married I stocked up on food for our fridge, and bought a frozen pumpkin pie. Sometime soon after, we cooked it and ate it. A month or so after that, Husband commented that we should get another and just have it. So, since about June, every couple of weeks I look in Safeway for a pumpkin pie...and they never have any. Anywhere. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find them in 3 places! I bought the frozen one on sale. Yay, it's pumpkin pie season again and then we'll be sick of it!

Yesterday, I did a bit of housework, and was happy with what I did, but didn't complete it. I went to town on a whim to my in laws to pick up some stuff we had in their basement and ended up staying for an hour and a half. It was fun, but reduced my productivity a lot!

Now I'm trying to stop sneezing and coughing to get some ambition to do something.