Thursday, October 30, 2008

Large amount of traffic..

As part of my daily routine, I check my blog stats, on Google Analytics and Feed burner. Google Analytics said I had 70 visitors yesterday and Feed burner said that I had 120. After I got over my shock, I investigated. It appears that on the blogger toolbar at the top of the page, where it has the "next blog" link, my blog was the next one. So I had a ton of visitors. I had a couple of funky comments that I deleted but didn't think anything of.

Anyway, just had to throw that out there. Also, check out those two sites I mentioned. They are great if you want to see where your traffic is coming from :)

As a side note to that, combined with the post I just posted about the blog experiment and this sudden burst in traffic, I think I will be working to make my blog a bit more anonymous. Start looking for more initials rather than full names, etc. Just a heads up!