Monday, October 6, 2008

Random bits

This post will be a bunch of random thoughts!

- My boss brought me half a tub of "Philly Treats" from the main store. They're chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz Bits. So yummy. I bought a half a pound of them and left the rest at work.

- I also went grocery shopping and went a little crazy, but it was all stuff that we needed/had been wanting. Chocolate milk, Lays potato chips, and I got flowers for Husband. Saturday was 6 months of marriage for us!

- I ordered some pictures from Snapfish last week and they came today. As I went through them and put them in their spots to scrapbook them, I realized that I have been severely lacking in scrapbooking! I have Christmas pictures from last year to do! Maybe if I work hard this week I can do some.

- Husband's coat came last week. He actually hasn't worn it yet. It's been pretty cold for the beginning of October so he's been going with his old standby. He tried it on and it looks good, though.

- Last week I was at our mailbox when our next door neighbor walked up, wearing shorts. (It's jacket-all-the-time weather now, definitely not short weather) and she said hi to me. Then I made a comment about how she looked 'summery' and she laughed and mentioned bringing 0ut her pants soon. It was a good little chat, as we had had a tense moment a few months ago and no contact since then.

- My goal was to do tons of school work today. I haven't done any yet and it's 6. But I did get a ton of grocery shopping done, a huge load of dishes (by hand), a chat with my boss, picked some rosehips, printed stuff at the college and got a shirt for Husband at the local consignment shop. I also picked up some swimming shorts for me, since I really don't have any. I almost bought a cute cute dress, that was only $18, but I think it would have been too small and I really don't need another dress. Oh and I made an appointment for our tire changes for next week. So, I got a lot done today, really. Now we're off to small group and then it's the weekend for us!