Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bike riding

Yesterday I had an accounting test at the college. Then I did our errands. I got my Amazon gift card in the mail and we ordered some Christmas presents with it today.

Small group last night was awesome. We had a slow time over the summer of not doing much as far as growing goes. But since "school" has started, we've gotten back into studying. We've been going through James and it is great conversation. I love discussing and picking apart passages and coming up with different possibilities.

Today it was wonderful to sleep in. We went for a bike ride in the late afternoon. We went the other way from town, because we hadn't ridden that way before. After a short ride, we came home via the street next to us. Our old Spanish teacher lives down there and was outside so we stopped and chatted with her for well over a half hour. It was nice :)

I just came back from taking pictures of the sunset. It was an ok one, but I ended up being more interested in the scenery. I might post some later. Now I need to do homework!!